Monday, October 29, 2012

Frankfurt Bookfair

Hello my cuties!

Two weeks ago I visited the Frankfurter Buchmesse (Frankfurt bookfair) ... yeah I was a bit lazy to post about it xD In case you don't know it, well it's a normal bookfair with a lot of books and authors who present their books, and people who cook burgers in the cooking book area and give you rainbow cake and coconut soup to eat xD
Some years ago the bookfair wanted more young visitors, so they decided to organize the finals of the German Cosplay Competition there and that's why every year a huge number of Cosplayers visit the bookfair, even if there is no programming like at conventions. My friends and I decided to visit the bookfair - of course in Lolita - but when we arrived, we had to realize that they where just very few Lolitas and it was really hard to enjoy the bookfair in Lolita, because everyone wants to take pictures and don't take you for serious that you really just want to look at books xD. So we walked around, looked at some books, took some pictures and got bored xD But in the afternoon we meet two other very cute and lovely Lolitas and we talked for about three hours I think! So with this girls the bookfair turned out good but if we hadn't met them it would be probably a very boring day. The bookfair is really more interesting for Cosplayer!

One good thing: I could finally twin with Ami, but I think we can improve because we HAVE more matching accessoires but I didn't wore them xDD And I seriously need a pink blouse!!

 What do you think about my hair? And btw I still think headbows look weird at me, that's why I never buy them and I only have this one because I got it in a set with the dress xD

The two lovely girls we met are the 2. and 3. from left ^_^

Our group with Loopy, Ami, me & Jasmin

Thank you for reading~ ♪♫

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