Friday, October 12, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 Prints you would like to see

I have to say I'm really satisfied with the amount of prints and designs we have in our Lolita fashion. There are so many items I really want to have and I can't decide which I find the best. I also feel that the brands already made all kind of prints which are human possible, but then they come up with a new print every few months and I have a new item I can add to my already-far-to-long-wishlist xD

But there are a few things I really want to see on a dress and I would sell my whole closet to get these prints!!!! ... okay just kidding I could never sell my closet because I love every piece of it way too much xD

Royal Pug
There are already a few crown prints, but I've actually never seen a really glamorous pompus glitz I'm-so-rich royal print. And what is more royal then a pug! When I'm imagining the print, I also have to think at Harald Glööckler. He's a german fashion designer and famous for his crazy style.

Königlicher Mops
(image credit: Jesse Draper & Harald Glööckler)

Diamond Princess
Nooo this print is not similar to the first one xD But you probably realized that I'm into glitter! I really love Hime Lolita outfits, and I think there are many dresses you could use but they are usually one-colored or have a flower print. But I think diamonds are also veeeery princessly so this is a print which is totally necessary :D
(image credit:

OMG Hello Kitty
Sorry guys but I really really really love Hello Kitty so I need urgently a print with this cute little cat! Angelic Pretty and Btssb already released some Hello Kitty items, but the only one with an actual Hello Kitty figure on it was the Btssb dress (OMG I want it sooo badly >_<). I know that you can buy fabric with all-over Hello Kitty print, but I was thinking about a design like Milky Chan, where the little Hello Kittys are incorporated into a bigger print and not just randomly spread over the whole dress.

 (image credit: unknown & brothersoft & legossip)

I admit I just added the last picture because this dress is so hilarious xD

What do you think about my prints? Would you wear them? Please tell me :D

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