Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lolita meet-up and new Puri machine

Hello my dears!

On Saturday was a little Lolita meet-up in Cologne, organized by my lovely friend Loopy <3 We were around 12 people? I'm not really sure because some people left before we took our group picture.
I wore my new Little Bears Cafe JSK for the first time and I 'twinned' with my friend Evangeline ... okay we only had the similar print and nothing else, but at least it was the same dress so I was happy xD But we already planned our twin outfit, we want to sew Donut aprons for the dresses!

First we went to a Cafe and then we tried the new Purikura machine! I was so happy and excited when I heard that cologne also has a Puri machine, and I thought about how often I could go there... BUT the machine is not that great ;__; It has no real photo paper, there is no good light, and when you touch the screen to apply a stamp, the stamp appears 2-5cm away X__X The machine itself is nice because you can make as many pictures as you want and you can choose from 10000000 backgrounds and 10000000 stamps and can repeat a picture as many times as you want in case you don't like it, so it's really sad that the pictures don't turn out so well.

with Evangeline

with Loopy

with Vicky and Susaricah

We got the Mini Mochi as a present from the shop owner, they are really delicious <3

Thank you for reading~ <333

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