Monday, November 26, 2012

100 Lolita Questionaire: 41 - 50

41. What kind of lace do you prefer?
I love patterned lace and tulle lace and also the big crocheted lace you can find on some Btssb and AP cardigans.

42. Do you have a doll? Tell us about her.
No but I want to buy all of the collaboration BJD's with Lolita brands xD But I don't think I will start soon to collect them because they are so expensive. My favourite one is Sucre:

43. What's inside your Lolita bag?
Lot's of make up because I "sometimes" oversleep and have to finish my styling in the train xD And of course Hello Kitty mobile phone, Hello Kitty nose tissues, iPod, money for food (like all Lolitas I also have no time to breakfast xD) and something to drink.

44. What is your favourite flower?
Roses!!! Pattern, candy, soap, I love it all!
I love this candy but you can only buy it in France and Belgium... at least I haven't found it in Germany yet!

45. Right now, what is your favourite accessory?
My pink hat, because it's cold outside, I don't have to do any special hair-do (because I just can't do them xD) and it still looks cute and matches to my outfits!

46. Do you use any specific make-up brand? Tell us about it.
When I buy make-up I don't look for specific brands, I just search everywhere until I find what I want. But I like MAC very much, it's a bit expensive but worth the price! (Btw if you want to make cheap bargains I recommend

47. Do you use false eyelashes?
Yes! For me I look definitly better on pictures with fake lashes and I also think, if you wear heavy make up and flashy outfits, it looks better for everyone ^^ I have a ton at home but most of them are unused xD

48. What is your typical eye makeup ?
I try to make my eyes look bigger, basically I follow this tutorial: Klick <3 But I nearly always wear pink eyeshadow!

49. What lip color do you prefer?
Pink! I have around 15 lipsticks and lip glosses in all shades of pink. And I still don't have enough xD

50. How do you do your nails?
Usually I use clear polish with glitter in it, but for Lolita I match the color to my outfit.

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