Monday, November 19, 2012

Did I forgot to post about my own meet-up?

Answer: Noooo xD

I was just too lazy, because... well... the meet-up wasn't seriously the best... I think it was the worst I've ever attended xD I can say this because I organized it xD
The meet-up was on 1st November, and it was Halloween themed. We wanted to visit a ruin, and we planned it 2 month before, but then a few days before I found out that the ruin was closed that day! But we decided to go there anyway because the buildings around the ruin are also pretty. When I woke up in the morning, I thought "Yay it doesn't rain and it isn't that cold, perfect!" but when we arrived at the ruin, it started to rain like hell and it didn't stopped! It was also very cold and windy. I was really surprised that still 35 people came, I think if I weren't the organizer I would have probably stayed at home xD We wanted to take pictures for 1,5 hours but we reduced it to 40min xD When we wanted to take pictures in front of the pretty buildings around the ruin, a really unfriendly old bitch came and shouted at us that we should leave because this was property of the church etc. Yes there was a church but could we know that the whole street belonged to the church? Nooo! But we found some trees and bushes so we took our outfit pictures there xD
Then we drove to the Cafe. It was nice but the waiters seemed to be overwhelmed with our group. Also they didn't bought enough milk so only a few people could order hot chocolate... I mean we reserved for 40 people over 2 weeks before, shouldn't a CAFE have tons of milk in the kitchen anyway??? And the best thing was, the waiters booked all orders at one bill... so when nearly everyone paid and some people already left and took the train back, a waiter told me that 2 items weren't paid yet, but they didn't belonged to the remaining people. But he told us that we still have to pay the items X_X Well I didn't really thought much in this situation, now I think I just should have blamed the Cafe for their fault but on that day, 2 friends were so nice to pay the items. On the same evening I wrote to all people about the situation, but OF COURSE nobody has answered yet and I don't think they will ever do.

The meet-up ended pretty soon, I think after 3-4 hours? Yes we spent a long time at the Cafe, at least everyone seemed to have much fun at the Cafe talking with old and new friends!

Although it rained, I still managed to get a nice picture of my outfit and it looks like the sun is shining xD

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