Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: What's on my Lolita Playlist

Hello hello ♫♪

When I dress up in Lolita, I always hear Lolita-ish music (that's why I'm so slow to get ready because I start to concentrate at the music and stop to do my make up - without recognizing it xD). Here are my favourites songs:

♪ Kerli ~ Walking on air ♪

♪ Jay Chou ~ Princess Syndrome ♪

♪ 卓亞君-洛麗塔Lolita ♪

♪ Lolita KompleX ~ Les Marionettes ♪

♪ Nana Kitade ~ Kiss or Kiss ♪

♪ Emilie Autumn ~ Marry me ♪

 ♪ Rin Oikawa ~ She said ♪

 ♪ Kanon Wakeshima ~ Lolitawork Libretto ♪

 ♪ Malice Mizer ~ Saikai No Chi To Bara ♪

 ♪ Kokosyoku Sumire ~ Alice in the underground ♪
 ♪ Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ~ Candy Candy ♪

I hope you liked my music selection. Please check out the other blogs who participated in this week's Blog Carnival:
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