Friday, November 9, 2012

Milky Berrys first and last visit

Last Saturday we had a little meet up again. We visited a cafe named "Milky Berry" -  yes like the Angelic Pretty print, and the best thing was that my friend Loopy owns this dress! The cafe owner remembered us from the last time and was really excited by the dress, but then he told us that the cafe will change its name in 2 days :( So we were one of the last guests of Milky Berry, and I think the best styled xD

Btw we also thought about a name for our group... our best idea was "Berry Bonns" (because of Berry and we meet often in Bonn, you know xD) but I'm not that satisfied with it... do you have some suggerstions? xD

 Our colorful shakes and hot chocolates

 And our rice puddings with caramel sauce, strawberries, white chocolate sauce and chocolate rasps

"I'm hungry, where is my rice pudding?!"

 Isn't Loopys style awesome???

Just me goofin' around...

Okay and now a pretty picture Loopy took with her awesome camera :D

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