Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas baubels

Hello dears!

I hope you had nice christmas! Aaah today is the last day of the year 2012! But before I start to celebrate the new year I want to go back to christmas and show you some baubles I bought! On the first day after christmas holydays, all shops did a -50% sale on their christmas decoration, so I headed to the city to buy some crazy baubels! Next year I want to buy a pink or white christmas tree for my small apartment :D

I want to show you them:

Unicorn and a knight with his horse

Mermaid, wizard and a princess

Hedgehog, swan and a teddy bear

Bath ducks and a snail

My favourite ones! A pink sparkling pig and Lady Tortoise


I love birds!! But there was only one in the shop :( And a sun and a teddy balon

A christmas girl and a Tiramisu *yamyam*

Yes I loooove kitsch! How do you like them? Would you hang such baubels on your tree? Happy new year~~~

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