Monday, December 3, 2012

International Lolita Day / Jinli's birthday

Yesterday was International Lolita Day and also my friend Jinli organized a little Meet-up because she wanted to celebrate her birthday - perfect timing :D

First, we went into our favourite restaurant Cartoon - well I came 3 hours later but when I arrived, the others just got their food so I wasn't really to late xD Then we went through the Christmas market. Of course I bought cotton candy and roasted almonds, this are my favourite foods! Some wanted to drive the ferris wheel, but some of us (including me) had fear of hights so we waited, and in this time a few people came to us and gave my friends very nice comments for their outfits (I didn't wore Lolita). Then we wanted to look at the stalls but it was so full that I got tired of it after 5 minutes xD After a little shopping we all went home. For me it ended too quickly but luckily Evangeline came with me for 1-2 hours to eat the rest of our candy xD
I'm happy that the next 2 weekends I will also have other Christmas meets :D I'm already excited!



So colorful <3

What did you on ILD? Wish you a nice week~ ♫

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