Monday, December 10, 2012

Recent shopping stuff and outfit

Hello my dears~~~ <3

Today I want to show you some of my new purchases, and an outfit from friday ^-^

On friday we had the first snow in our city!! Last year it didn't snowed the whole winter but this time we had a lot of snow - well not that much in comparision to other parts of the world, but I live in a warm area in Germany so we don't have it often and it melts quickly ^^''
However I was very happy about this, plus on the evening I wanted to go to a concert from Magali Mosnier, a french flutist. I played the flute myself for more then 10 years now and a few years ago my mother bought me a CD from her, that's why I know her xD And she wanted to play my favourite piece for flute on the concert (Fantasie by G. Fauré ♥), of course I had to go!! So I dressed up in a snow coord ^-^

But I have to say I was a bit disappointed, well she played perfect but she played easy pieces, I would have preferred more difficult ones xD But on the other side I found a new piece I want to learn, so still good :)

And now some purchases:

 Finally I found the perfect crown necklace I've ever wanted! I bought it from Gorgeous Barbie, it was self-made by her ^-^ And the shop owner is sooo soo cute!

Then I found a muff (is it the same word in english? I don't know ^^') at the Christmas Market. My friend Evangeline has the same one and as you maybe already know, we're planning the perfect Litte Bears Cafe twin coordination ^_^

 This are two rose waist belts. I found them for very cheap on Ebay (only 3€ each shipped!) I think my friend Yuki posted them a while ago on her blog, that's how I found them ^^ They have very good quality!

Now some cosmetics:

I desperately needed bottom lashes and heavy upper lashes, because I want to try out the 'extended eye' Gyaru make-up, so I bought very cheap one from Ebay. They needed 4 weeks to arrive but only cost around 1,75€ per 10 pieces shipped! I post them because it is always hit or miss with the quality, but I tried all of them and I can recommend them very much! Here you go: Bottom, Upper 1, Upper 2

This Caviar pearls are very popular now! I tried them but to be honest I'm not too satisfied with them. I bought the expensive set from Ciaté, but the problem is that the paint of the pearls is bleeding. When you apply the pearls to your fingers, it looks like in the bottle, but then if you apply top coat, it starts to look messy -.- Also, it holds only for 1-2 days.

This is Liquid Eyeliner from Rival de Loop (Rossmann)! It's clear eyeliner with a lot of glitter, and it looks really pretty on your eye, perfect for a christmas winter look :) And it only costs 2€!

 Yeees it's a Twilight Saga lipstick xD But I bought it because of the color: gold *_* It's from Essence and also pretty cheap, around 2,50€.

At last I want to mention a small blog update, I now added a "Contact Me" page, so you can write me a private message if you want. You find it at the top of the blog or here <3

In my next post I will write about the Christmas Party from today, see you then <3333

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