Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rose breakfast // Meowchis

Hello hello my dears~ <3

A few days ago I visited the christmas market, and there was an awesome booth with many Rose products! I already admired it last year so much, because Rose is my favourite flower. I love the look, the color, the taste, the smell... everything ^_^

So this year I decided to buy some items. I bought Rose candy, Rose tea, Rose soap and Rose jam! Here are the items:

The soap already has its place in my bathroom ~ it makes the whole room smelling like Roses :D

To try all the items, I made a little Rose breakfast with my pretty tea porcelain:

 Yes the tea and jam look more orange than pink, but still taste like Roses.

The Rose jam is only made from sugar (honey) with rose blooms. I don't like honey that much so I think I will use it to sweeten my tea in the future :)
Unfortunately I didn't knew before that the candy doesn't contain any Roses, it has only the shape of it :(

 The tea is made from 100% Rose leaves! So tasteful~

And now to add a little bit ~*~ kawaii ~*~ to my post xD A friend gave me a cute little Meowchi as a present :) It's from her favourite shop Tasty Peach Studios. Their stuff is so unbelievable kawaiiiii you have to check it out! xD


Meowchi is inspired by japanese Mochi, that's why she looks like a candy ball ^^

Together with her new friends xD

I got also some pendants with Meowchis, and the Cotton Candy Llama *awwww* :DDD

So, enough cuteness for today! Thank you for reading <3333

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