Wednesday, January 2, 2013

100 Lolita Questionaire: 51 - 60

51. Did you ever changed your clothes in a train station?
No, to be honest I would find it a bit disgusting when I think about some station toilettes xD But like I said in posts before, sometimes I do my styling in the train... when I drove to Paris this summer, the train had receptacles (Steckdosen), so I decided to curl my hair with my curling iron xD (hey I was bored xD)

52. What do you think of "twin" and "triplet" lolitas?
I loooove it and I'm happy that I can do it with my Little Bears Cafe dress, and also my pony skirt!

53. Do you practice any sport or related activity?
Yes, I started with Ballett some months ago <3

54. Do you feel nervous when you wear Lolita at public?
When I started with Lolita, yes! But now the nervousness turned into annoyance, srsly it's so annoying to get asked for pictures every 5 minutes, so I started to reject this questions. But I still feel more comfortable when I'm in a group and for me, Lolita is something I want to wear together with my friends and not just alone ^_^

55. How much do you spent in Lolita clothes per month?
Hmm when I count everything together what I bought this year, then ~50€ per month. But I don't buy every month something, and sometimes it's hard to count because I also wear my cute bags, blouses and jewellery in my 'normal' wardrobe. Also, the 50€ doesn't include the money I spend for conventions or for food on meet-ups xD

56. How much time passed since you know Lolita and wear it?
I heard of it 5.5 years ago, know it for 4.5 years and wear it for 2.5 years xD

57. What is your most expensive lolita item?
My rose dress:
This was my first coord with this dress ^^

58. Lolita requires spending so much money. How do you save?
1. I don't save because otherwise I couldn't spend so much, y'know???
2. I have a mini-job ^_^

59. Do you work or did you ever work?
Yes, see above xD

60. What store would you like to have in your town?
A store which would sell Angelic Pretty, also cute casual clothes like Liz Lisa, Ma*rs etc. And a store which would sell a lot of not-overpriced Decoden stuff <3

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