Saturday, January 19, 2013

100 Lolita Questionaire: 61 - 70

61. "Man, what a rip-off!!" Have you ever thought that about a store?
Yes, I thought this about my first Angelic Pretty bag! I bought it brand new from the store with a shopping service (usually I only buy 2nd hand clothes because it's simply cheaper xD). But this bag has horrible quality, the fake leather rubbes of very quickly and it had many loose threads.
I also think many brand shoes are a rip-off when you see the quality X_x But I understand if you sell dresses for 250€ you can't sell shoes for 20 bucks xD

62. Do you shop online? If so, put the good & bad points here to advise others.
Yes, I don't think it is possible for a Lolita NOT to shop online, except you are living in Japan. Maybe also in Paris and San Francisco, but there you can only buy from 2 brands.
The good points are of course that you have a bigger selection and can find cheap items. But I would prefer to have a physical Lolita shop, because then you can try on the clothes and you see how they look in reality! I had to sell many items because they didn't fit me or looked not like I expected :(

63. Is there a secret person/shop that you have commissioned a dress just for you from?
 No, and I don't think I will ever do it, because when it comes to clothes I'm not very creative ^^' Also, the brands already released many dresses which turned into my dream dresses (look here if you want to see my huge wishlist... yes it's really huge and not even complete xD) so I can't imagine there will ever be the need for me to create my own dress xD

64. "I can never have that/see that happening!! But I will always want it!!" Is there a brand you think this of?
I think many people will write this: To wear some dresses from Victorian Maiden! The problem is that the dresses are super small, and expensive. Even if you buy them 2nd hand you will not find them very cheap.

Here some dresses I like (yes they look totally different from what I'm usually wearing xD)

65. What do you do with the clothes you don't want anymore?
I sell them ^^ But to be honest I wouldn't sell old and worn-out clothes, like socks with many stains or destroyed shoes (like I see sometimes ~_~). Just because it's burando doesn't mean you can't throw it away!

66. What is your most recent purchase? (Even non-lolita.)
Oh gosh I post this stuff too often anyway and now a question in my meme? xD Ok I will tell you, actually it was even a bit for Lolita, I bought it yesterday:

All 4 items together cost only 6€! Because it was Sale at Claire's ^_^ You can see a hair set (I bought it to create a Hime-hairstyle), stickers & buttons from the Hello Kitty Paris collection, dusty pink lace tights and black socks with golden glitter stars.

67. Is there an item you love that you can't buy/seem to find?
Yes, actually there are many xD But to name a dress which I desperately want but which is REALLY rare: The Btssb Ribbon Ribbon Hello Kitty JSK <3

 Other rare items I'm searching for:

 Btssb ~ I scream for the magic ice cream (but in pink)

 AP ~ Jewellery Box

 AP ~ Dream Magic

Btssb ~ Hawase Doll OP (from the Kamikaze Girls movie)

Btssb ~ Usakumya PARIS edition (but in white)

68. What do you think of people who only wear lolita to conventions?
I also don't wear Lolita everyday, because my style is defnitly not made for everyday. I wear it only for meet-ups, conventions or when I met with my friends who are also dressed in Lolita. It's your own decision how often you wear it, but I think someone who truly loves Lolita fashion want to wear it more often, and since conventions are only a few times a year, you just can't wear it ONLY to conventions xD At least I couldn't ^_^

69. What do you think of lolitas without makeup?
Lolita-clothes in general look like a piece of art, even a simple Classic Lolita dress looks very elegant, doll-like and beautiful in some way. So in most cases it just don't look good if you wear clothes full of art, but then stop at your face. But I have to say there are some people who can wear Lolita without makeup, I know at least two :)
The only No-Go is to wear wigs without makeup! Even if your wig is in your natural hair color, your face will "disappear" because the wig fibers have a more intensive color then your real hair.

70. Another lolita is wearing the same coordinate/clothes as you!! What do you do?
I would think "TWWIIIIINNNNSSSS" and I would ask for a picture xD

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