Thursday, January 24, 2013

100 Lolita Questionaire: 81 - 90

~*~ This post is very picture-heavy so I made the pictures small, but just click on them to have a bigger view! ~*~

81. How do you dress normally?
I kinda like business style clothing but also very cute outfits. It usually depends on the weather and how early I have to get up in the morning xD But I usually wear a cute bag, I often use also my Lolita bags :)
Here are some examples:

82. Do you think twice about buying second-hand clothes?
When it comes to Lolita, I have to buy 2nd hand even if I don't like it, because if I would buy everything new it would be just too expensive for me. But I always ask the seller twice if the item is really in good condition, because I would never buy dirty or destroyed clothes. I also don't buy socks 2nd hand because it's a bit disgusting >_< Okay I recently made one exception with my Little Bears Cafe socks, because these socks are the only ones who really match the dress and I just couldn't find them unworned... but I think I will soak them in disinfectant before I use them xDD

83. Do you have a boyfriend? (or husband?) Does he understand lolita?
Not at the moment but he better should understand it, otherwise it would be hard to live with me ;)

84. Please tell us about your ideal man.
Okay there are many things how an ideal man should be, but when it comes to fashion, he should care about it and have his own style. And of course he should like very girly clothes on women, because I wouldn't wear boring clothes just because of him. Btw I adore men in suits xD

85. Who inspires your Lolita style?

~ Nana Kitade
I really love her old style, when she used to be a model for Btssb. I think she has the most perfect Casual Punk Lolita style I've ever seen!
I  would love to have this Charmy Kitty outfit but the clothes are very small X_x

~ Koakuma
I think she looks perfect in every damn outfit and I really wish to achieve a style like hers! A friend and I even analized all her outfits, because we wanted to know what she does to look so stunning... okay that sounds creepy xD

~ Chuchu-mana
She wears often OTT-outfits with a lot of make up, but she can pull it of so perfectly! She looks so different in every outfit!

~ Princess Peachie
I like her because she has inspiring outfit ideas like Bride Lolita or Shoujo Maiden :)

~ Sweet Curl / Ophelia_Immortal / Niniru
They are three friends (I know them xD) but anyway I love their style because they always look so princessly! And they do twinning A LOT :D

~ Ami
I also adore the style of my friend Ami because she always looks so princessly, even with My little Pony on her head! xD

86. Have you made your own clothes? What are they like?
No because I can't sew :( To be honest I also don't want to sew my own dresses because I don't have any ideas. But I would like to be able to sew so I can make pretty accessoires for my outfits or to fix my clothes (e.g. shorten a skirt)

87. Have you made your own accessories? What did you make?
Yes, I made some bows and jewellery, nothing special but here are some examples:

88. Think about the best item you have made! What is it?
Maybe the Strawberry bracelet you can see in the picture above? xD

89. Please tell us about the most perfect lolita coordination you wear.
I love my coordination which I wore at the Angelic Pretty Tea Party this summer! I think it's the most perfect one I`ve ever worn, but I couldn't do it without the help of my friend Evangeline! Because she sewed a matching headbow for my dress and also lend me her blouse and socks <3

90. Who is your favourite Lolita artist?
I don't know many artists but I still adore some:

~ Imai Kira
I think she is the most famous Lolita artist and I adore her drawings! She also draws all the pictures from the Angelic Pretty prints <3

~ Sakizo
It's not really Lolita but her artworks are very inspiring and beautiful!

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