Thursday, January 31, 2013

100 Lolita Questionaire: 91 - 100

The last post of this very long questionnaire :)

91. "One day I will go on a date with that person." What would you like to wear for him?
I would wear something fancy and pretty :) But I definitly wouldn't wear Lolita, except this person wants me to wear it.

92. If you want one, what type of store would you open in the future?
Oh yes, it is a little dream of mine: I would like to open a store for asian fashion. I would sell mainly cute clothes you can wear every day but also some Lolita, Hime and Gyaru brands (but I heard japanese brands are not very interested in the international market -.-). I would also offer some space for indie brands and their handmade items.
In the front of my shop would be a small cafe where I sell my homemade cake and serve high tea. And in the evening I would make more space in the store for the cafe, and I then would invite musicians to give little concerts there.
Of course the whole store would be pink, just like an Angelic Pretty shop (of course I would sell Angelic Pretty ^_^).
Credit by Tokyo Rebel

Btw here is an awesome inspiration blog for a nice cafe => The Sweet Otaku

93. Something catches your eye. What is this motif?
It would be a rose print or a very cute print, in pink and golden with glitter :D

94. Would you dress your child in lolita?
Yes! Of course not everyday because children need comfortable clothing where you don't mind that it get dirty or destroyed, but wouldn't it be nice to twin with your little girl? :)

95. How much do you spend on one outfit?
Many Lolitas buy their dresses in sets, so when they buy a dress, they always also get the matching headbow, socks, jewellery... some even buy new shoes to each dress O_o But I don't do this, or better I can't do it, because all the dresses I own are kinda old and when you buy 2nd hand, it is even harder to fnd the matching accessoires. But when I use all my most expensive items, the outfit would cost around 500-600€. My cheapest outfit cost around 100€ :)

96. "This is lolita!!" Please say what you would say this about.

97. "I have always wanted to try that once!" What, in the lolita world, have you wanted to try wearing?
Aristokrat, I want to know how it looks on me, but otherwise Aristokrat and Gothic Lolita are just too dark, somber and uncute for me.

98. Look at yourself in lolita. In one word/phrase, how would you express your style/image?
pink sparkling pony princess?? xD

99. What is your lolita ideal?
When you look like a perfect porcellain princess doll!

100. Thank you for taking this baton!! Tell us what you think!
I liked most of the questions, it was very interesting and fun to answer :)

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