Monday, January 7, 2013

In the Tea Room

On Wednesday I visited a Tea Room in Bonn, called "First Flush". I visited it with my Lolita Gang xDD Yeah I'm very happy that we have our small group, and even if the age difference is 11(?) years between the youngest and oldest person, and even if we have different lifestyles, we still are connected through the fashion and get along very well! <3

In Germany you don't often find Tea Rooms, to be honest this one is also no real Tea Room like the ones you find in the UK or USA, but it comes pretty close ^^ It has a wide selection of teas, and if you are lucky you get it in a pretty tea pot with a small tea cup. The special thing is, that each pot and cup in the whole Tea Room is an unique piece.

And this Tea Room definitly has the best cake I ever ate in my life!

Lots of tea and cake~

 I had "white chocolate & coconut" tea and lemon tarte

Now our outfits:

 Nyanko with her new Baroque dress

 Evangeline ~ she always has so damn pretty outfits but never wants to take pictures -.-

Meeee xD


Claire visited me at New Years Eve, and she brought me the best chocolate ever:

 Princess Chocolaaaaaate :DDD Sadly it doesn't make you fit into princess dresses xD

In Germany, university and school is starting again, so have a nice start into the week my princesses~ <3

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