Sunday, February 24, 2013

The different styles of Sweet - FAIRY LOLITA


Fairy Lolita is a mix of Fairy Kei and Lolita Fashion. It takes the general silouhette of a Lolita outfit as well as the doll-like appereance, combined with the general aesthetic of a Fairy Kei outfit.

In Fairy Kei fashion you wear loosy clothes, so there is no difference between bust, waist and hips. But for Fairy Lolita you have to keep the typical Lolita silouhette of a small waist and a poofy cupcake-shaped skirt. Though the skirt can be shorter than knee-length.

In short, the look of a Fairy Kei can be described as a young fairy with an 80's twist.
First you use elements of 80's fashion. That means cartoon prints like Care Bears, colorful leggins, legwarmers, sneakers, bow belts in loud colors, scrunchies or big glasses.
Then you make it look fairy by using only pastel colors, adding a lot of chiffon and tulle to your outfit, and wear a lot of ruffles and cute prints.
Why is the fairy young? Because toys and plushes are also basic accessoires for a Fairy Kei. You can wear them as a bag, pin them to your clothes or tie them to a necklace.

So the aesthetic is all about Fairy Kei, now how to add Lolita? Of course wear a typical shaped dress or skirt. Then add headbows or bonnets, wrist cuffs, knee-high/over-knee socks, Mary-Jane shoes or lace gloves to your outfit, to give it a dolly look.

Go for a dolly eye make-up and typical Lolita-styled hair. When it comes to hair colors, pastels and blonde are most common to look more fairy-like.

Monday, February 11, 2013

1st Puppenschloss Give-Away

Hello my dear readers!

Finally I managed to prepare the give-away for you <3 With this give-away I want to say "Thank you" to all my readers and for all the comments I get on my blog! Some weeks ago I wanted to do a give-away to celebrate my 50th reader but in the meantime I reached nearly 100 readers xD Of course I'm very happy that so many people want to read my blog!!! Please keep reading :D

So first see what you can win!

 ♥ A pink glittery princess lipgloss ~ it even has a mirror! ♥

♥ Hello Kitty nail art stickers ♥

♥ A candy cane lipgloss ♥

♥ a rose ring with golden leaves and sparkling rhinestones ~ from Accessorize! ♥
 (I have it in two sizes, I hope one will fit you ^^)

♥ a pink and very sparkly blush ♥

I own all items (except the candy cane gloss) also myself, so I could them test before, and since I found them so awesome I also bought them for you! Only the best things for my readers ^_~

Now onto the rules:

1. You have to be a follower of my blog via Google Friends Connect => if you are not, then just suscribe, you can find it on the right sidebar

2. Just write a comment that you want to participate in the give-away :D

Extra points:
1. In the comment, write what you like about my blog and/or what you want to read more about
2. Make a blog post about my give-away and include the link in your comment (you can use my pictures for it!)

So you can make a total of 3 points.

The DEADLINE is the 11th of March 2013. Then I will choose one winner.

I hope you like my give away! Please suscribe for it <3 <3 <3 And good luck everyone <3

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Meet up at Madame Negla

Last Saturday I met with my local friends again and we went to the Cafe "Madame Negla". It is very small but really awesome!! The food is sooo delicious, they have everything from cake to sandwhiches to burgers, and the prices are low! Also the interior is cute, I forgot to take a picture but it is a bit Japan inspired, they have trees with cherry blossoms painted on the walls :)

Before I went to the meet up, a friend visited me and styled my hair into Hime style! I didn't thought it was possible with my hair but it worked :D However I tried it yesterday myself and I just couldn't do it :'( I think I just have to practise very often but it is a bit exhausting because I need much hairspray and have to tease my hair really badly, so after every try I have to wash my hair and then untangle it for half an hour X_x

So here are some pictures:
My friend Susaricah who styled my hair <3

The cute interior of the Cafe

Here you can see the cherry blossom tree very well 
(and Mahi taking a picture of me xD)

 Hot chocolate with rose water! And my friend Mahi brought a Polaroid 
camera and took pictures of everyone :D

 My burgers - SO yummy I swear and you can see that they were made with love :) The green weird looking water is japanese Matcha xD

 I think I said before that I looove Evangelines outfits, they always have something new and special. This time she made a heart with her hair!!

 My outfit - my friends said I remind them to Marie Antoinette xD

Hehe also the cafe owner wanted to take a picture of us ^^

 My friend Mahi didn't wanted to the group picture 
so here is a picture with her :)

More picture spam of cute Evangeline xD

So my next post will be about my giveaway :D
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