Sunday, February 3, 2013

Meet up at Madame Negla

Last Saturday I met with my local friends again and we went to the Cafe "Madame Negla". It is very small but really awesome!! The food is sooo delicious, they have everything from cake to sandwhiches to burgers, and the prices are low! Also the interior is cute, I forgot to take a picture but it is a bit Japan inspired, they have trees with cherry blossoms painted on the walls :)

Before I went to the meet up, a friend visited me and styled my hair into Hime style! I didn't thought it was possible with my hair but it worked :D However I tried it yesterday myself and I just couldn't do it :'( I think I just have to practise very often but it is a bit exhausting because I need much hairspray and have to tease my hair really badly, so after every try I have to wash my hair and then untangle it for half an hour X_x

So here are some pictures:
My friend Susaricah who styled my hair <3

The cute interior of the Cafe

Here you can see the cherry blossom tree very well 
(and Mahi taking a picture of me xD)

 Hot chocolate with rose water! And my friend Mahi brought a Polaroid 
camera and took pictures of everyone :D

 My burgers - SO yummy I swear and you can see that they were made with love :) The green weird looking water is japanese Matcha xD

 I think I said before that I looove Evangelines outfits, they always have something new and special. This time she made a heart with her hair!!

 My outfit - my friends said I remind them to Marie Antoinette xD

Hehe also the cafe owner wanted to take a picture of us ^^

 My friend Mahi didn't wanted to the group picture 
so here is a picture with her :)

More picture spam of cute Evangeline xD

So my next post will be about my giveaway :D

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