Sunday, February 24, 2013

The different styles of Sweet - FAIRY LOLITA


Fairy Lolita is a mix of Fairy Kei and Lolita Fashion. It takes the general silouhette of a Lolita outfit as well as the doll-like appereance, combined with the general aesthetic of a Fairy Kei outfit.

In Fairy Kei fashion you wear loosy clothes, so there is no difference between bust, waist and hips. But for Fairy Lolita you have to keep the typical Lolita silouhette of a small waist and a poofy cupcake-shaped skirt. Though the skirt can be shorter than knee-length.

In short, the look of a Fairy Kei can be described as a young fairy with an 80's twist.
First you use elements of 80's fashion. That means cartoon prints like Care Bears, colorful leggins, legwarmers, sneakers, bow belts in loud colors, scrunchies or big glasses.
Then you make it look fairy by using only pastel colors, adding a lot of chiffon and tulle to your outfit, and wear a lot of ruffles and cute prints.
Why is the fairy young? Because toys and plushes are also basic accessoires for a Fairy Kei. You can wear them as a bag, pin them to your clothes or tie them to a necklace.

So the aesthetic is all about Fairy Kei, now how to add Lolita? Of course wear a typical shaped dress or skirt. Then add headbows or bonnets, wrist cuffs, knee-high/over-knee socks, Mary-Jane shoes or lace gloves to your outfit, to give it a dolly look.

Go for a dolly eye make-up and typical Lolita-styled hair. When it comes to hair colors, pastels and blonde are most common to look more fairy-like.

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