Friday, March 29, 2013

Lady Rose Shooting


On Sunday I did a little Shooting with my friends Loopy and Evangeline! We wanted to take some pictures for a book about japanese fashion, but the weather was so bad that ALL pictures of me turned out ugly :( Okay a few were acceptable, and my friend Loopy was so nice to edit them for me <3

I wore my new Lady Rose and new blouse and new hat and new shoes xD But I lost a pearl from the shoes, what a stupid day now I have to find a new damn pearl >_<

Loopy wore a 50's inspired outfit:

And Evangeline wore her Toy Fantasy. She was so lucky all her pictures were perfect >_< (or maybe I'm just a really bad model and she is a good one xD)

Yeah currently in Germany we have something like winter instead of spring but I recognized it is also in other parts of the world? So at least we are not alone *hehehe*

Monday, March 25, 2013

WTF Angelic Pretty Reservations...

Angelic Pretty is definitely my favorite brand, but there is one thing that annoyes me: their "reservations" for new prints!

They released a new print on Saturday, called Day Dream Carnival. The print consists of ponies, and like you know pony prints are generally very popular, and especially this particular print is in my opinion one of the most beautiful prints AP ever released.

my favourite dress from this series

the most popular dress & color of this series

But here comes the negative: AP sells far fewer clothes than there are demanded. That means if 100 people want to buy a dress, they only sell 30 pieces or so (EDIT: here someone wrote they sold only 40 dresses IN TOTAL at their international site + San Francisco store... ). I'm sure they make it on purpose and it is part of their sales and marketing strategy: AP makes their clothes rare so AP is considered as something special and people go crazy about this brand.

But that's not the only thing. It annoys me even more how AP deals with international costumers. You have to think about how many Lolitas there are outside Japan who wear AP and often buy the latest prints. However most of them don't buy it from the international online store or from the San Francisco store, but they buy it with a shopping service!! Because AP is so nice and sells only 2-3 dresses per color at the english sites -.-

Day Dream Carnival it is particularly crazy: Although the print was released not even 24 hours ago, it is already sold at Mbok/Y!Auctions and people even bid 3 times of the original price! And I'm pretty sure many forgeingers are bidding. I saved some screenshots from the auction pages:

They bid nearly 1000€ wtf?? Well if they have the money xD

My favourite is the OP in ivory, but I'd rather wait 5 years until it is cheaper than pay an unfair price.

EDIT: It seems that Angelic Pretty heard all the displeasure about the reservation this time and is willing to re-release it again with an made-to-order realease:

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Follow me with Bloglovin

Hello, just a short update!

Since Google Friends Connect seems to be deactivated in Juli, I decided to use Bloglovin now, so you can follow my blog there <3

Here is the link, please also suscribe there, it is very easy and nice to use!

♥♪♫ Follow my blog with Bloglovin ♪♫♥

You may ask "Why should I suscribe with Bloglovin?"

=> For a blog writer it is always nice to keep track of how many readers you actually have. It was pretty easy to suscribe with Google Friends Connect since nearly everyone has a Google account anyway. But now all blog writers have to find a new platform, and since most of the blogs I read use Bloglovin, I thought it would be a good solution too :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Give-away winner!!!

Hello my dear readers!!

Finally I managed to choose the give-away winner! I did it with, so here are the results:

First I entered all names and created a random list (since you could get up to 3 points, some names are written 3 times)

Then I generated the winner number *drumrolls*

And the winner is "Saskia Usagi"!!! Congratulations!!!
Please send me your adress through my contact page, so I can send you the price! I hope you will like it ^_^

Thank you so much for participating to all of you, if you haven't won this time, maybe you will the next time <3

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shopping Time: Princess stuff // Hime hair + make up

Hello my dears!

First, the give-away is now closed, I will announce the winner in my next post ^_^

In January I ordered a some new princess items and finally everything arrived! Also I went shopping during winter sale and I got some cute princess accessoires! I really fell in love with Hime Lolita and now I have a full outfit and can't wait for spring to wear it!

First I got my dream dress "Lady Rose" from Angelic Pretty <3 In my eyes it is the most wonderful dress Angelic Pretty ever made, because you feel like a real princess in it!

I like the back of the dress the most, the ruffles are made from rose lace!

Then I finally found some Hime Lolita shoes! It's hard for me to find nice shoes in my size because my feet are too big for asian shoes :(

And my "Rose last note" hat from Angelic Pretty!

A stock picture where you can see the details better.

My new jewellery, the bracelet is from New Yorker, everything else from Accessorize.

Now with my new items I can be a rose princess from head to toe xD

I also want to show you some Hime hairstyle and make-up attempts, what do you think about it?

The first one: (I did this around 3 a.m. because I couldn't sleep xD So please excuse the bad photo quality ^^'')

The second one:

I hope you like it!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Give-away reminder


Just a short reminder, you have only 1 more week from now on to join my give-away :) You can win many awesome pink and sparkling items!

If you want to join, just click >>> here <<< ♥ It is really easy ^_^

Sunday, March 3, 2013

4th Royal Pony meet-up report


Two weeks ago was our 4th Royal Pony! This time we visited a movie museum and went to a japanese restaurant.
I have to say the movie museum was a little bit boring for me, because it only contained really old stuff. Also most of the 'authentic' movie posters and costumes were from movies I've never heard of before xD But I knew it before and entrace was very cheap, so it wasn't a problem for me ^_^

Afterwards we went eating to Bento Box. It was really nice to find a japanese restaurant in Düsseldorf which is big enough for so many people, all the other restaurants only have 10-20 seats and you have to wait in line to go eating there X_x

Picture by Loopy
 (Klick for a bigger view)

Picture by Anh Binh Photography

Finally I could really twin with my friend Evangeline on a big meet-up :D

We are already planning our next meet-up, but I can't tell you an exact date yet. I'm happy how many nice people came to our meet-up, so I'm already looking forward to it :)

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