Sunday, March 3, 2013

4th Royal Pony meet-up report


Two weeks ago was our 4th Royal Pony! This time we visited a movie museum and went to a japanese restaurant.
I have to say the movie museum was a little bit boring for me, because it only contained really old stuff. Also most of the 'authentic' movie posters and costumes were from movies I've never heard of before xD But I knew it before and entrace was very cheap, so it wasn't a problem for me ^_^

Afterwards we went eating to Bento Box. It was really nice to find a japanese restaurant in Düsseldorf which is big enough for so many people, all the other restaurants only have 10-20 seats and you have to wait in line to go eating there X_x

Picture by Loopy
 (Klick for a bigger view)

Picture by Anh Binh Photography

Finally I could really twin with my friend Evangeline on a big meet-up :D

We are already planning our next meet-up, but I can't tell you an exact date yet. I'm happy how many nice people came to our meet-up, so I'm already looking forward to it :)

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