Thursday, March 21, 2013

Follow me with Bloglovin

Hello, just a short update!

Since Google Friends Connect seems to be deactivated in Juli, I decided to use Bloglovin now, so you can follow my blog there <3

Here is the link, please also suscribe there, it is very easy and nice to use!

♥♪♫ Follow my blog with Bloglovin ♪♫♥

You may ask "Why should I suscribe with Bloglovin?"

=> For a blog writer it is always nice to keep track of how many readers you actually have. It was pretty easy to suscribe with Google Friends Connect since nearly everyone has a Google account anyway. But now all blog writers have to find a new platform, and since most of the blogs I read use Bloglovin, I thought it would be a good solution too :)

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