Friday, March 29, 2013

Lady Rose Shooting


On Sunday I did a little Shooting with my friends Loopy and Evangeline! We wanted to take some pictures for a book about japanese fashion, but the weather was so bad that ALL pictures of me turned out ugly :( Okay a few were acceptable, and my friend Loopy was so nice to edit them for me <3

I wore my new Lady Rose and new blouse and new hat and new shoes xD But I lost a pearl from the shoes, what a stupid day now I have to find a new damn pearl >_<

Loopy wore a 50's inspired outfit:

And Evangeline wore her Toy Fantasy. She was so lucky all her pictures were perfect >_< (or maybe I'm just a really bad model and she is a good one xD)

Yeah currently in Germany we have something like winter instead of spring but I recognized it is also in other parts of the world? So at least we are not alone *hehehe*

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