Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shopping Time: Princess stuff // Hime hair + make up

Hello my dears!

First, the give-away is now closed, I will announce the winner in my next post ^_^

In January I ordered a some new princess items and finally everything arrived! Also I went shopping during winter sale and I got some cute princess accessoires! I really fell in love with Hime Lolita and now I have a full outfit and can't wait for spring to wear it!

First I got my dream dress "Lady Rose" from Angelic Pretty <3 In my eyes it is the most wonderful dress Angelic Pretty ever made, because you feel like a real princess in it!

I like the back of the dress the most, the ruffles are made from rose lace!

Then I finally found some Hime Lolita shoes! It's hard for me to find nice shoes in my size because my feet are too big for asian shoes :(

And my "Rose last note" hat from Angelic Pretty!

A stock picture where you can see the details better.

My new jewellery, the bracelet is from New Yorker, everything else from Accessorize.

Now with my new items I can be a rose princess from head to toe xD

I also want to show you some Hime hairstyle and make-up attempts, what do you think about it?

The first one: (I did this around 3 a.m. because I couldn't sleep xD So please excuse the bad photo quality ^^'')

The second one:

I hope you like it!

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