Friday, April 19, 2013

5th Royal Pony

Hello hello! <3

Last Saturday was the Royal Pony meet-up. It was already our 5th one and I'm very happy that still many people come to our meet-up, we were around 30 people ^_^

I wore my Lady Rose again, because I wanted to twin with Ami, and there was also another girl wearing Lady Rose :D In May we want to make a "big" Lady Rose meet up, well we are currently 5 people who wear this dress, but if you also own the dress and want to join please leave a comment :D

First, we went to an Aquarium, we planned more then 1 hour for it but Ami and me left after 17 minutes xDD But it was okay because then we had enough time for pictures!

 In the next time you will see a lot of photos with Lady Rose because I planned to wear it often xD In one month the Convention season starts, I can't wait!!!

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