Monday, May 27, 2013

Melty Wish Review

Hello again my dear readers!

Last weekend I went to the Dokomi! It was really nice, I could meet a lot of people, but unfortunately I forgot my camera at home, so I will make another post later when I get some pictures from my friends :)

At the convention were many stalls with pretty jewellery, one of them was Melty Wish, which is owned by LizJuice <3 She is a very cute girl and makes pretty jewellery! And she was so nice to give me some jewellery so I can review it here :)

I choosed a shooting star necklace and a sky ring, because I really love this theme!

Like you can see, the items are very detailed and very glittery *__* They are sparkling so much in the sun I could spent hours with just looking at them xD

Now some detail pictures. First the necklace:

The shooting star is made from light pastel colors and the glitter sparkles blue and pink! I also love the small heart rhinestone at the star and the bow!

In the upper part you can see marshmallow candy (yummy! ^_^), little stars and pearls. Of course everything is glittery and really cute!

The quality of the metal rings etc. is really good, I tried to bend them but it's not possible! :) Also very important: The glitter does not come off!! That means even in 10 years there will be as much glitter on the necklace as now! <3

Now on to the ring:

The ring also glitters a lot. It's a bit hard to photograph but the glitter is more dark blue so it gives more the feeling of a sky. The ring is adjustable and well glued (with such rings I often have fear they will broke quickly, but she used a good glue ^_^).

So all in all, I would definitly buy again from her! <3 <3 <3 She has A LOT more different jewellery, please check out her shop and blogs:

Facebook: Klick <3
Blogspot: Klick <3
Tumblr: Klick <3
Twitter: Klick <3

Thank you again LizJuice for the pretty items!
I hope you all liked the review! What do you think of her cute jewellery?

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