Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hime Mules, destroyed princess shoes, Leylas Tea Party

Hello ^_^

Like you maybe already know, I really love Hime gyaru! And I desperately wanted some mules but the japanese shoe sizes are too small for me >_< Most shops only have 3 sizes, I really ask myself how japanese girls can fit into the shoes, I mean their feet aren't just between 22,5 - 24,5 cm are they? xD
However, I decided to make some mules myself! I just bought some boring mules in a german shop and decorated them myself :)

Here are they:

Haha you don't believe me what I used for the decoration: The ribbons are from my destroyed princess shoes (more later), the fabric is just ribbon and the lace is from a headbow which was too small for me xD

What do you think about them? Do you have any suggestions what I could made better? I know they have this "self-made" look which I usually don't like, but I have no other materials and I don't want to buy anything at the moment because I have to save money for Paris and another tea party ;)

Btw this is how the mules looked before (really ugly uuuhhh xD):


Now to my destroyed princess shoes.... I'm so sad.... I only have worn them 2 times, the 2nd time was on Japan-Day this Saturday and in the evening the heels from both shoes broke T_T And I think it's too expensive to repair them because the shoes don't even fit me very well and they are uncomfortable, and I can't sell them destroyed so I decided to snip off the bows and throw the rest away T___T >>Klick here<< for a picture of the shoes so you know which I mean :'(


Aaand last but not least, today Leyla announced that she will host a Tea Party in July in the Netherlands, with Misako Aoki and!! (If you don't know Leyla, she is the owner of the Lolita shop "Mfashion" and you could see her a few times at Kawaii.i TV show!) You can see more info about the Tea Party here:
I always hoped for more Lolita events in Europe but I think this year are too much xD There will be 4 events within 4 month... first Japan Expo/Lolita con/tea partys in Paris, then tea party in the Netherlands, then Lolita con in London and then Innocent World tea party in Vienna xD And I don't have money to visit them all ;__; But I reeeeally want to go to Leylas Tea Party, because I always wanted to meet Misako Aoki and I love the TV show Kawaii.i !!! I just need to grab a ticket! Wish me luck >___<

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