Monday, June 10, 2013

Japan Day Pictures

Hello! ~ <3

2 weeks ago I went to Japan Day in Düsseldorf! I really like Japan Day because many people come even from far away so you can meet a lot of people and of course many friends ^-^
We haven't done much just walking around, meeting people, getting photographed 300 times or something (my friend counted it xD) and eating pizza. So just a normal Japan Day xD

I wore my Lady Rose again :)

 Sorry I don't have a normal outfit pic, I wanted to try out some "interesting" poses and this was the most acceptable picture xD

Twiiiiins with Yuki :D (Okay not really twin we didn't know that we would wear the same dress xD)

 Amy with one of my dream dresses (why does she have it before me xD):

Look at her pretty hat with flowers and birds *_*

Evangeline outfit, soooo cute and her hairstyle is so damn awesome!!!

 And my friend Kerstin with Milky Chan *_*

When Ami and me spotted some Disney princesses, we HAD to take a picture with them~ <3

Sorry I don't have more pictures because of my stupid cam (yeah I think I already wrote a hundred times that my cam is bad but I still didn't bought a new one yet xDDD)

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