Saturday, July 20, 2013

Kawaii Weekend in Utrecht ~ Saturday Tea Party

Hello hello ~ ♫

I'm back after more then 1 month without blogging X_X I have many things to tell you so the next weeks I will post more often :D First I have to tell you about the Kawaii Weekend in Utrecht, it was so unbelievable wunderful just perfect *__* I can't imagine how much time Leyla and her friends put into this event to make it so special!

I will make 3 posts: Saturaday Tea Party, Saturday Evening Party and Sunday Picnic

On Saturday, we had to get up really early at 5 a.m. to do our make up and then drive to Utrecht! We wanted to quickly change our clothes and fix our make up but in the end we needed 2 hours and then we even got lost in all the tiny streets of Utrecht, but in the end we came exactly at the right time :D
First we had to fill out some paper and wait in a room. We were a group of 7 people, it's so much fun when you can travel with many friends *_*

My outfit

Waiting for the doors to open

Taking pictures to consume time xD

Then we could enter the beautiful tea party room! At the entrace everyone got a glass of applejuice (but it looked like champagne ~ very classy ^-^)

Yuki looks so cute here :D

After everyone found a table, we played a game for the bingo: everyone should fill out the bingo fields with the names of persons they don't know yet. It was a lovely idea because you started to talk to new people :)

Then we could grab some food from the buffet. It was real high tea food and so tasty. You could also have some tea and coffee.

Evangeline grabbing some food :-P

My food (yes I was hungry xD)

Our table, we got also some postcards from Misako & RinRin

After this, Misako Aoki and RinRin entered the room! I was really happy that I could finally see them in real life, they are so pretty!

pretty RinRin ♥

pretty Misako ♥

Misako Aoki and RinRin showed some pictures from their apartments and their favourite places in Tokyo.

Finally Misako Aoki and RinRin went to all tables for talking and taking pictures! First RinRin came to our table and sat down and then she said to each one of us what she liked about our outfits *_* And she wanted to know where we are from and other small talk and then we took a group picture with her! RinRin was impressed by my selfmade hat and by the chiffon over-skirt my friend Evangeline made for her dress! I was a little proud because of this ^-^

She liked my hat *_*

Our whole group with RinRin!

After this, Misako came and we could ask her some questions.
I will just tell you the answers, she said she needs 1 hour to get ready, her favourite dress is "Favourite Ribbon" by Btssb in the pink x red color way which she designed herself, she wears Lolita fashion every day, and she doesn't make dresses herself but when she has an idea she tells it to a designer who make the dress for her.
Then of course we took pictures with her and she gave us autographes.

With Misako ♥

Then the raffle started and I was so lucky I won a present :D Unfortunately everything was for Gothic Lolita but I could give some items to my friends ^-^

The presents, some from Mfashion, some from Japan!

Happy winner :D

My prices from Metamorphose, Btssb and Beth

At the end, Misako and RinRin answered some last questions and we took a group picture with all participants of the tea party, and then it was already the end ;__; Time went by too fast!!

Happily there was also a party in the evening, I will write about it in the next post :)

~*~ Most pictures are from the photographer of the event, Me.Photographie
Please check out his page: ~*~

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