Sunday, August 18, 2013

"Growing up" in Lolita Fashion

Recently I updated my wishlist folder on Photobucket. I started it around 2 years ago and I always added new dresses to my wishlist but never deleted some. But a few days ago I did and I realized that my taste grew up. 1-2 years ago many dream dresses were OTT Sweet Lolita like Milky Planet, Sugary Carnival, Toy Parade, Toy Fantasy and Milky Chan. But now these dresses are to childish for me. I still like them but I feel to old in them.
My only childish dress I own is Little Bears Cafe. When I first got the dress, I had no problem with wearing it, but now I feel a bit uncomfortable in it. I have the fear that I look like an adult who wants to fit in a child dress, so I always do my hair and make-up in a way that I look younger when I wear the dress. But I think I will never sell this dress because I love the print too much, I sometimes just have to be really brave to wear it xD

Also I realized that prints and especially popular prints were a big deal for me. But now I look for more special dresses which not many other people have. Currently I'm searching for a dress which is just one color but still have many details like many ruffles, different laces, a special cut, many ribbons etc.
Ok I have to admit I bought 1 abslolutely popular dress which is Day Dream Carnival, but I always dreamed of a pony themed dress which doesn't look too childish and this dress looks pretty sweet-classic to me, exactly the way I like it right now :)

Dresses I love right now (of course all from Angelic Pretty xD)

Princess in love OP
Symphony Frill JSK
Victoria Princess OP
Lace Lady OP

Did some of you also experienced a recent change?
Thank you for reading,

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