Saturday, August 10, 2013

Kawaii Weekend in Utrecht ~ Sunday Picknick

I didn't wrote something the last days because I'm designing a new layout for my blog... but it is so hard because I have absolutely no skills in graphic design >__< But I already changed the size of my blog so I can post bigger pictures, I hope you like it!

But now onto the last part of my Kawaii trip, the Sunday Picknick!
On Sunday was an official programm point where you could visit the castle and have a picknick, but to be honest it was too expensive for us so we went to the castle by ourselfs. We just joined the group during picknick :)

The castle was really beautiful and it had a pretty rose garden with a (fake) well in the middle. We didn't do much except taking a lot of pictures! I will show you my favourite ones:

A dutch girl said that all castles in the Netherlands are made of brown clincer like this!

Here you can see my hat better ~ It is selfmade ^-^

Here are the lovely outfits of my friends:







After a few hours we drove back to Germany because we were really tired! But all in all I really enjoyed the trip and I hope next year will be something like this again!

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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