Thursday, August 29, 2013

Paris Paris ♫ Day 2

Hello hello~~~ <3

In my last post I forgot to mention, when we was at the Angelic Pretty store, Maki and Asuka took many pictures and one of me is shown at the Angelic Pretty page :D Click on the picture see it (you have to scroll all the way down I'm at the very end xD)

Now on to Day 2!!!

On Sunday we visited the Japan Expo. Unfortunately this year was no interesting special guest for me there, so the only thing to do was looking at the stalls and maybe buy something. I was a bit disappointed this year because there were mostly the same stalls like last year, even at the same place! But I still had a great time with my friends which is most important, and Japan Expo is pretty cheap, only 14€, so no regrets :)

A new awesome stall was Lunieshop, they had cheap Chocomint stuff! But I already own sooo much Sweet Jewellery so I only bought 1 hairclip xD

Then we found an awesome Mameshiba x KyaryPamyuPamyu stall! Last year they also had a stall but I didn' really saw it because it was directly next to 6%dokidoki and there were so many people I had no chance to get in the near of it ^^''' They had a huge Mameshipamyupamyu, they said it was in behalf of Kyary there because she couldn't come herself xD

Loopy with the huuuuuge Mameshipamyupamyu ^-^
Me *chuuuuuu*
They also had posters with autographs (but not for sale T_T)

Then we also wanted so see the stall! We are all huge fans of the show so we were really excited to see it, even if we couldn't really do anything there xD But we did a bit smalltalk with the producer of the show, and she was pleased to hear that also people in Germany know the show and watch it :)

This was a designer from Tokyo showing how to do DIY clothes, she also makes clothes for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Left is the Shirt from Kawaii.i staff, right is an original outfit from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!
This wall is painted by hand!!! We saw the artist drawing it.

There was also a small photo corner for taking pictures with Kawaii.i background :)
with Ami <3
cute Himecookie ^-^

Then we also saw Marie from! She went around and did interviews with some people for Kawaii.i. When we asked her for a picture, she also did an interview with us (but you could only see our outfits in the last episode of the show^^). In the interview she asked if we have any french friends and when we answered "No", she said she is our friend and hugged us :D Of course a bit joking but she is really super cute!!! And sooo beautiful!

In general there were many more stalls with cute jewellery and kawaii clothes, in one of them you could buy replicas for just 110€, what a bargain xDDD

In the afternoon we went back to Paris to go eat at a cool restaurant we saw the day before. It was all in true american 50ties style!

I had the "Favourite Burger" topped with egg, bacon, champignons & a Cherry Pepsi
Strawberry Milkshake from Himecookie (I was too full to order one after my burger xD)

The food was really delicious but the waitress was... slow... and discussed with us about 10 minutes because we wanted to split the bill but she didn't wanted T_T But it was still a nice restaurant xD
Here is the website if you are interested: Happy Days Diner

At midnight we visited the Eiffel tower. We sat down on the grass and waited until the Eiffel tower starts to glitter (which he does at night to every full hour). But unfortunatly it's not really comofortable there because every 2 minutes some strange guys come to you and want to sell you wine or cigarettes or other stupid stuff, and they don't go away until you said 10 times NO, GO AWAY >_<

many people were sitting in the grass
glitter time :D

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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