Monday, September 16, 2013

New Princess stuff I bought *_*

Hello my dear readers~ <3

I want to show you some items that arrived recently! After waiting for 5 month my dream dress finally arrived!!! ヘ(*_*ヘ) (ノ*_*)ノ

I bought Day Dream Carnival from the re-release. When my Shopping Service sent it out, it only needed 3 days to arrive at my home ~ without paying any taxes even thought it was the most expensive stuff I've ever bought *hehe*  (⌒▽⌒)☆

The only minus is that the sleeves are itchy -_-
I also bought the headbow and tights. I love that the golden color even glitters *__* Here are some more detail pictures:
my favourite Pony with all the flowers~
pretty Pony lace
golden glittery lace

The tights also have pretty ponys!!

Then I also ordered some stuff from Bodyline. I needed some new Lolita shoes because my other shoes broke AGAIN >___> I hate spending so much money for stupid shoes, I think I bought more shoes then dresses but the quality of most Lolita shoes is just bad! But oh well I think this shoes will make me happy, they look really sturdy and are the first shoes which fit me perfectly! And I think they are suitable for both Lolita and Hime ^_^

I also bought a coat. I wanted a simple one which I can also wear every day without Lolita ^-^ But I think the pink color is still too flashy for everyday (>_<)ゞ゛

They also had pretty lave gloves with a ribbon pattern:

And a pink glitter rose ring:

Then last month I was randomly searching for some jewellery on Ebay and I found two items for really cheap! The necklace cost only 1,35€ and the crown ring 3,15€ !!!
Click here for the link

Klick here for the link

I also bought some items from Prisila. I wanted to have some voluminous Hime hair for a long time, so I bought a half-wig, a matching pony and curly hair extensions. I'm so happy the color fits perfectly with my real hair! Prisila has a big selection and it is hard to choose the right items, but I read that Himena once recommened a specific half-wig in a magazin, so I bought that one!

Aaand finally my last new item, Harald Glööckler has again a small make-up collection at Rossmann, so I bought a lipgloss there. The package looks so deluxe, right? :D

Haha now I'm totally broke but happy ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

Thank you for reading,
Miuko ♡

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