Friday, September 6, 2013

Paris Paris ♫ Day 3

This was the last day of our trip (sadly ;___;)

First, we wanted to visit the Lolita Convention. We decided to go early there (around 11 a.m.) so we have enough time to look at all stalls, because later would be some fashion shows where you can't enter the convention and can't buy something.
The entry cost 6€. But the convention is kinda small. There were around 16 stalls, most of them selling Classic Lolita! Usually at conventions, most stuff is for Sweet Lolita but this time it was Classic Lolita ^-^ They had many indie brands like "Ergie by Pirate" or "Lusty'n'Wonderland".
You could also buy "Haenuli" clothes there, I was really excited about this because I wanted to see their dresses in real life, but I realized they are not my style. They are pretty but I'm a Sweet Lolita girl xD

At the convention were 3 rooms, I took pictures of everything so you can imagine the convention better.

1st room when you enter:

The second room:
At the cute pastel colored stall I bought my Barbie necklace ^-^

Then you could go downstairs into the 3rd room:

And then there was also a small room for the bring&buy, but sadly all dresses I liked were kinda dirty X_X

And here a group picture of us :)

After 15min we left the convention. We didn't had time to go back in the afternoon for the fashion shows etc. but I hope next year I have more time so I think the 6€ would be then more worth the money.

We visited a small park to take pictures, but the sun was really burning like hell so we took some quick pictures and then sat down in the shadow. Sorry the pics are not really good because the sun was shining sooo bright >_>

In the afternoon we went eating to a japanese restaurant and then we took the train back home.
The trip was really wonderful and I already planned to travel to Paris again next year :) But then maybe for more days so I can visit other places in Paris too!

Do some of you also plan to visit Paris next year around Japan Expo?

Thank you for reading~ <3

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