Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Carousel Shooting

Hello Lovelies!

Last month my friend Nyanko invited me to a photoshoot. It was my first photoshoot with a professional photographer and I was really happy that Nyanko invited me because I'm always too shy to ask someone I don't know for pictures >_< Also this shooting was perfect timing because I got my new DDC dress just 3 days before, and the carousel where we took the pictures was at a funfair which is only 1 weekend per year!!

Sorry that I put a watermark on the pictures, but recently I saw some pictures of my blog on Tumblr (which is NOT ok without permission and even not giving credit) and the photographers didn't added an own watermark so I added mine.

Here is the credit for the photographers:
They are so talented, check out their pages!!
(btw if you live in Germany/NRW, they are looking for more Lolita models so you can ask them ^^)

What do you think about the pictures? I love the fantasy look of them, the more unreal the better <3

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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