Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Simple Outfit for Royal Pony Halloween Meet-up

Hello hello!

This year we also organized a Royal Pony Halloween meet-up. At the beginning, not many people wanted to come but a few days before, so many people wanted to come that I had to call the restaurant again to reserve more seats and then at the day of the meet-up, some came spontanioulsy so we barely had enough space to sit ^^'''

I usually have only Sweet Lolita items in my closet, but for Halloween I wanted something dark so I was wearing a dress from Zara. Since I also had to leave early because I had to work in the afternoon, I choosed a simple outfit. Many people told me it is so uncommon to see me in such dark colors xD

with Evangeline <3

Everything in my outfit is offbrand!
Dress: Zara
Coat, Bag: H&M
Blouse: Fashion Club
Hat, Tights: C&A
Shoes: S.Oliver

So yes, you can make outfits from offbrand items for less money than brand BUT honestly they will always look quite simple and not as elaborate as brand items. But I hope you still like my outfit ^_^

Thank you for reading,

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