Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year - review, preview and resolutions

Hello my dear readers!

The year is nearly over and it is time for a review. I also want to make a preview and show my new year resolutions.
~*~ REVIEW 2013 ~*~
~ we organized 4 Royal Pony meet-ups
~ Japan Day, where my new shoes broke
~ Dokomi, with a fashion show too early in the morning, but with unexpectedly many visitors
~ Kawaii Tea Party in Utrecht with RinRin Doll and Misako Aoki
~ Paris with Japan Expo, Maki & Asuka at the AP shop, which is closed now (*ノ´□`)ノ
~ AnimagiC which was soo boring this year
~ my first 'real' photoshoot ヽ(@*▽*@)ノ

~ Lady Rose, which arrived in bad condition and I made it even worse ^_^''''
~ Day Dream Carnival, THE dress of the year xD
~ Royal Unicorn
~ my first AP blouse, finally after 3 years I found a brand blouse which nearly fits me
~ more shoes (I hate buying Lolita shoes T_T)
~ Prisila Hime wig, which was kind of too expensive (>_<)*
~ Usakumya bag ♡
~ and other small stuff

Resolutions fullfilled?
~ I only had 1 resolution, which was loosing weight, and it totally did not happen ( ≧Д≦) (I tried several times but I failed)
~*~ PREVIEW 2014 ~*~
~ Enchanted Event in London
~ Lacebook Tea Party in Rothenburg
~ Japan Day
~ Dokomi
~ more ???
~*~ RESOLUTIONS FOR 2014 ~*~
~ get a better job and earn more money for more burando
~ loose weight !!!

I don't make more resolutions because too many resolutions mean too many possibilities to fail xD And these 2 are the most important ones for me.

So, what happend to you this year, what are you planning for next year and what are your resolutions? You can tell me in the comments, I would like to read it 。◕‿◕。

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ ♡

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