Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Royal Pony Christmas Party

Hello my dear readers!

This year I was so happy that we could organize a Lolita Christmas Party! We searched for a room to rent or a café or restaurant, but everything was too expensive or already booked. But then the Lucky Chocolate Maid Café made an event and asked us if we want to have a Lolita meet there. So lucky!

This was the header I made, but sadly the weather was rainy and ugly and not really christmas-like T_T

So first we went to the park to take some outfit pictures. I have worn my Prisila hime half-wig for the first time! I like it but I think I spend too much money for it, it is not really worth it. When I see the hairpieces on other people they look so natural, but when I wear them I think they look too fake for my taste ^^''' But wigs are perfect in winter, they keep you so warm and you still look great :D

Group shot! I think this time all girls took a lot of effort into their outfits, I loved them all!!!

The print glitters *_*
Ami with her Eternal Rose Bouquet <333

Evangeline with her Royal Unicorn <333

The ground was so wet and dirty X__X

Burandooooooo $____$

After our small fotoshoot we went to the Maid Café. They have reserved some table for us and organized a small game: guessing brands and print names! I always thought I am good in this but I'm not, well I know all the Angelic Pretty prints but only a few prints were from AP so I didn't knew many names ^^'''

The cute Maids singing a christmas song:

Thank you for reading and I wish you a nice christmas time, only 1 week !!!! I am so busy that I kind of don't realize it X_x

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