Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Photographer Problem and Royal Unicorn Love

Hello my dear readers!

Last Sunday we had a small meet-up in Cologne. When I write about a meet-up, I often write that I didn't took many pictures because with my old camera, all pictures came out blurry. But now that I have a new camera, I figured out that this is not the whole problem. Another problem is that I just feel uncomfortable to make random pictures in a Café or from other people, and I feel to embarassed to take selfies or pictures of my food, because I have the feeling the other people around me think "OMG what a Hipster, taking pictures and uploading it to Instagram" xD (and I don't even use Instagram xD) But I will work on this, I NEED to work on this because I want to take many many pictures when I travel to London in 2 months!!!

Okay like you can imagine, I wrote this because we had a small meet-up in Cologne and I only took outfit pictures, even if 90% of the meet-up was just eating eating eating xD But who wants to see eating Lolitas anyway xD

I wore my Royal Unicorn dress and Evangeline and Mahi wore the same print *_* The meet-up had a Classic Lolita - theme and we three are huge Angelic Pretty fans, and this were our most classical dresses xD

I don't know if the other girls want their pictures here so I don't post them.
When I look at the pictures I realized how short the dress is *_* AP dresses get bigger but shorter T_T

Thank you for reading!
Miuko~ <3

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