Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Little Bear's Café Twins

Hello! (´・ω・`)

Last Saturday I met my friends to discuss our trip to London (only 5 more weeks *_*) and Nyanko and I decided to wear our Little Bear's Café dresses! กʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ ก We took a few pictures in front of THE church (the church where all Lolitas take their pictures because it's the only good background nearby xD).

This was just a short post, thank you for reading!
Miuko~ <3

Friday, February 21, 2014

Japanese Candy

A few days ago I was at the japanese supermarket with Evangeline and we decided to buy some japanese candy, even if we didn't knew what was inside ヽ(;^o^ヽ) I love the cute and colorful packages of the candy, why can't you buy something like this in Germany? Well, maybe it's better, otherwise I would spend too much money for this unhealthy stuff (≧▽≦)

Okay, now please guess what is inside the packages:

The Hello Kitty package is easy, it is filled with cute bonbons (and a sticker xD):

The package with the bear is do-it-yourself candy! You have sauce which tastes like melted gummy bears, sprinkles which don't really have a taste except something chemical and unhealthy, and soft bonbons which tastes like Maoam. The sauce was most delicious!

And the purple package was......... cotton candy xDDDD A really tiny small piece of cotton candy with crackle sprinkles. But it had a nice grape flavour and was very delicious!

I hope next time I will find more candy like this, it makes a lot of fun to try them out!!
Do you like japanese candy? Which do you like the most?

Thank you for reading,

Friday, February 14, 2014

"Lolita News" - new blog !

Hello my dears!

I want to present you my new second blog "Lolita News". I created a second one because it will have a complete different focus: I will post about new events, intersting videos, pictures, reports and more.

I'm quite active in the "Lolita internet world" (or how you want to call it xD) and I often find here and there some intersting stuff, but always on many different websites. So I wanted to create a blog where everything is in one place.

"Puppenschloss" is about my personal life as a Lolita and with my own written content. But the new blog will mainly contains short posts with links to the interesting stuff. I hope you like the idea, please tell me what you thing about it.

I started it 1 week ago so of course it is pretty emty yet, but hopefully many posts will follow. "Lolita News" is written in german because I want to make it for german Lolitas, especially when I'm writing about new events.

So after my wall of text comes the important part, the link xD

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