Friday, April 11, 2014

London Part 1 ~ Shopping

Last weekend was the Enchanted Event in London! We already arrived Friday morning so we can go shopping in London :D

Me packing some stuff in the Hostel Lobby... and my bored friends wating for me xD

After we arrived in our Hotel, we went to the famous Oxford Street. It's a really long street with many brands you will not find in Germany. When I visited London for a shopping trip a few years ago, my favourite store was River Island. And this time I found many pretty items there again!

So here is the stuff I bought!

 A leggins from Primark with London Print :D (I will use it as pajamas pants, but I seriously saw a girl  walking with this on the street... and she looked good in it xD)

 The pink jacket and pink shirt are from River Island, and the cream bolero is from the best store in Camden Town, Lili J. => you have to visit it when you are in London, here is the online store:

 Shoes from Primark

 Golden bag from River Island (all my friends loved this bag and bought it 1 day later too !!! xD), and a pink bag from Primark

 Now we come to the stuff I bought or got as a present at the Enchanted Event (except the pink belt, it is from Primark). The crown jewellery is from Chocomint, I bought it at the Dreamy Bows stall (best stall ever!). The ring and the button are presents we got at the Tea Party on Sunday, and the tea cup brooch was a prize at the ruffle I won at the Tea Party.

 A close up of the ring and button. I think it's great that we got such presents, they are a great memory for this event!

 We got the two postcards as a present, I already pinned them on my Lolita wall. The pink paper is advertisement of Kunika, but it's soo cute I had to pin it on my wall too xD

Last but not least I bought a wallet at the Dreamy Bows stall, and on my last day I bought THE BEST CREAM SODA EVER!!! It's from the Tesco supermarket and it only has 1 calorie per can, and it tastes like whipped cream! Next time when I'm in London, I will buy a huge amount of it xD

In the next post I will post pictures from the Enchanted event. The first to pictures in this post are from my friend Ami :)

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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