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London Part 2 ~ Enchanted Event

PICTURE HEAVY... I warned you xD

On Saturday was the Enchanted Event. It was very pleasant that the event startet at 15:00h (or 14:00h if you had a VIP ticket), because then you had enough time to prepare without getting in a rush or wake up too early in the morning.

We already arrived at 14:00h because we thought that we can give our stuff for selling at the Bring&Buy, but apparently it was only possible for the VIPs (we misread it >_<). So we were standing nearly 1 hour in the cold wind >_< The last VIPs entered after 14:30h so I don't regret that I only bought a normal ticket. It also didn't seemed that there was something special to buy for which you would have needed a VIP ticket, but there was a very pretty Enchanted pin and postcard in the Goodie bag (and maybe more but I don't know) so if I have more money next time I would go for the VIP ticket just because of it xD

Standing in line for the event ~ Picture Credit: Myau Mania

After we entered, we directly run walked to the shopping booths! I was very happy that Dreamy Bows also was a vendor, because it's the new official retailer for Angelic Pretty and Chocomint in the UK, so they had everything I loved :D I think I returned the booth at least 10 times and bought there 2 times xD Because I spend most of my money on friday, I didn't had enough for an Angelic Pretty dress or bag, but I bought the Chocomint Crown jewellery and the glitter wallet there (which you could see in my last post ^^).

Heaven for Sweet Lolitas *___*
The lovely shop owner
Then the fashion show started. Everyone went to the main stage to watch the fashion show... but not me xD. Since everyone was watching the show, the booth were empty, so I took the opportunity to take a closer look at the booths and especially at the Bring&Buy, which was otherwise crowded like hell during the rest of the event.

Empty dealers room, because the fashion show was running xD

After spending all our money, we took some outfit pictures in the little garden of the venue. So here is my outfit from the Enchanted Event:

The crown and the tulle skirt are selfmade by me ^_^

Here is the outfit of my friend Ami. She made the glitter tulle accessoires and the brooch herself:

The background was actually not the garden of the venue but a wonderful street next to the venue :)

The outfit of my friend Himecookie. The strawberry accessoires are also made by herself:

My other friend Nyanko didn't wanted to take pictures so you can see her only on our group picture:

After taking pictures, the buffet opened *__* First I thought it wasn't much food because they only had small tartes and cupcakes, but I took 3 pieces and I could barely finish them because they were sooo sweet. I felt so full after it, but I can say the buffet was VERY delicious!

Hungry Lolitas waiting, but first pictures have to be taken *hrhrhr*
Our food. It was sooo delicious I want it right now ;__;

At the end of the event was the raffle everyone was waiting for :D All my friends won something except me. But I won something at the Sunday Tea Party so it was okay xD

At the end of the event you could listen to music, but we were so tired and wanted to eat a proper meal, so we left like most other people. In the last pictures I want to show you the booth of Kuniko. She had fake cookies (??? I'm still not sure if they were fake but for the price of 7 I guess it...) and fake cakes. I wanted one sooo badly and you could even win them at the Sunday Tea Party but I had no luck with them ;___; But 80-100 for a cake... no sorry >_<

I want to eat it xD
I love the cakes in the glass bell so much ;__;

All in all I liked the event but I kind of have the feeling I just went to London to buy some crown jewellery. Of course it's my own problem that I am not really interested in Atelier Pierrot (the whole time I was in London I thought that the Grimoire lady was the AP designer, and that the AP lady was just a regular attendee xDD), and it's noones fault that the Bring&Buy didn't had stuff I liked, but I don't know if the event was really worth for me. But on the other side, I LOVE travelling with my friends so I'm pretty sure that I will attend the Enchanted event next year again. The organizers already decided which country is next but they will not reveal it soon I guess, whyyyyy please >____<

Btw there were so many german Lolitas at the event but I didn't knew them (or didn't recognized them, it was so embarassing how many people said hello to me but I couldn't recognize them >_<), so if you also were at the event and we didn't said hello, please leave a comment :D

Thank you for reading,

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