Wednesday, April 16, 2014

London Part 3 ~ Tea Party

On Sunday was the Tea Party. Only Ami and me bought tickets, because my other 2 friends wanted to do sightseeing on sunday. I was looking forward to it because I wanted to eat scones with clotted cream so badly xDD I love scones but I don't have a good oven for baking and you can't buy clotted cream in Germany and it's hard to make it yourself, sooo I finally could eat what I desired for weeks (*^-^)人(^-^*)

The Tea Party was in "Hotel Rubens", a very luxurious hotel. I was surprised by the kindness of the hotel staff, because 2 years ago, when I was in a luxus hotel in Paris for the AP Tea Party, the staff was kind of arrogant and secretly laughing about us.

When we arrived we should wait in the hotel lobby before we could enter the Tea Party room. Between all the Lolitas were three very confused hotel guests xD
The three hotel guests on the right thinking WTF xDDD

While we had to wait, we took the opportunity for outfit pictures. This time I wore a very simple Lolita outfit, at least in comparision to my other outfits it is very simple xD I only had 3 days to prepare my outfits for Enchanted and the Tea Party, so I concentrated on the Enchanted outfit, because I didn't need an extravagant outfit for just eating some cake xDD

I actually took this in front of our hostel after shopping, so forgive me my messy hair

Here is the outfit of my friend Ami:


Messing around a little bit xD

Finally we could enter the room. It was very lovely, althought it wasn't that crazy glamorous like I expected (well I expected a room full of gold, marmor, moulding and lavish extravangance, because the room of the AP Tea Party was like this, but well not every luxus hotel is built in an old castle I can understand xD).

So after we went inside, I looked for a table where we maybe could sit with people we don't know, because I like to meet new Lolitas. But one half of the tables were completely full and the other half was completely empty, so we took the table were our friends Nancy and Cindy were sitting because even if the Tea Party was starting in a few minutes, it first seemed that noone will sit at the empty tables (but they became full later xD).

Our table
Our table in the mirror xD
Clotted cream and marmalade were already there for the scones
Everyone had these presents on their plate :)

When the Tea Party started, the first thing to do was to get some food. I was soo hungry!
The buffet
My food ~ it was sooo yummy, I loved everything!

 We spend around 1 hour with eating. After this the ruffle started. This time they had even better prizes (or more expensive ones) then at the Enchanted event! While I had no luck on Saturday, I won something this time. I think I was the 3rd person who got a prize.

 At the end, the special guests should give some of the best prizes to the best outfits (for example the brown JetJ bolero, the Swimmer cookie mirror, and the black things on the right which where an AP cutsew and AP bag I think). But I think this was kind of unfair because it seemed that the special weren't informed before that they should do it, and more then half of the Lolitas were sitting in corners where it wasn't able to see the outfits, so only girls who were sitting at the middle tables or standing next to them had a chance.

After the ruffle, the tea party ended and if you wanted you could listen to some music. But Ami and me weren't really deep into any conversation and we wanted to go shopping, so we were nearly the first ones who rushed out of the hotel xD The food was delicious but besides food and ruffle, there was no really program or any kind of interaction. I wished there were a bit more of interaction especially with the special guests, because I saw them the whole time surfing on the internet with their phones xD But I think the 'problem' was that the typical programm like Q&A, taking pictures with the special guests and so on already happened on Saturday, so there was nothing left. For the next time I would maybe do a little interaction game so you can get to know some new people. I really hope I didn't sound like I would complain, I know such events are hard work and cost a lot of time! Maybe I should volunteer at the next event.

I think it is pretty amazing how a small group of people can organize such a big event not only in their free time, but also living in different countries and organizing nearly everything through the internet. Ami and me had also daydreamed thought about organizing a smaller version of this in Germany, because we never had a Lolita special guest here before, only 1 time at a convention three years ago, but now after this event I'm really not sure if I would want to do all the work. Because the organizers worked 6 months for an event which was over after 2 days. But I'm happy that they did, because it was an awesome weekend!!!

This was the last post about London :)

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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