Wednesday, May 21, 2014

2 new Angelic Pretty Mooks - REVIEW

Here are two reviews about the new Angelic Pretty mooks which were released this year!

~*~ Folding Umbrella Mook ~*~

At the beginning of the year some AP models posted pictures of a photoshoot on Twitter, and they said that the photoshoot is for the new AP mook. So when AP announced this mook in February, I thought it would be the real mook. But it is NOT! This mook is actually just the umbrella, but as a bonus you get a small flyer with 8 pages of pictures from the newest fashion show.

The design itself is really pretty. The fabric has nice colors and of course the Cinema Doll print is wonderful! It makes me want to buy the dress >_<

The quality of the umbrella is okay, nothing more. It has the same quality like my umbrellas I buy for 2€ at the drug store!!! So you can use it in light rain or sun, but no heavy rain or wind.

Do I recommend it?
~ If you just look for a pretty umbrella which is worth the money, NO.
~ If you love Angelic Pretty and don't care about overpriced brand prices and want a pretty umbrella, then YES.

~*~ Day Dream Carnival Mook ~*~

This is the actual mook! It's different from the mook which was released last year. The old one had more information like history of AP, print gallery and interviews. This one has more pictures. I think the pictures are better this year, but it's just personal taste.

I love the chapters about the AP mascots and the baking ideas. The mascot chapter is informative, for example they show you all the different ponys or bunnys they ever had! And the baking chapter is very inspiring, all the stuff look just like the real prints! You will love it even if you are not a fan of baking or even of Angelic Pretty, because it looks so amazing.
(Btw you can get a translation of the recipes here but you don't really need them, the recipes are very basic, you can just use your favourite recipe with a lot of food coloring and then decorate like hell xD).

The bag is also nice and sturdy, I think you can transport heavy things with it like you can with the bag from the old mook (I often transport 3-4 ltr of water with it, it works!). In comparision to the old bag, the print looks better, but the shoulder straps look uglier. Of course it doesn't have the same quality like a normal AP bag and I wouldn't buy the mook just because of the bag, but otherwise it is a useful totebag.

What I don't like about the mook is that the main focus is not on knowledge, but on recent prints and events. Most pages are just advertisement for new items. Of course you have pretty pictures but they are not very different from the GLB or Kera ads.
Also they could have put more effort into the photoshoots. Most also have only the quality of GLB or Kera, that means they were made in front of a neutral (boring) background. 

Do I recommend it? 
~ If you are an Angelic Pretty fan, YES.
~ If you want a mook with pretty pictures and just want to collect it, even if you are not an Angelic Pretty fan, YES.
~ If you are looking for great inspirational photoshoots or knowledge about Angelic Pretty, NO.

The mook has 64 pages. Now I will go through the content with some pictures:

1. Chapter: Photoshoot with Tina Tamashiro

2. Chapter: Newest items

3. Chapter: Matching outfits for every month

 4. Chapter: Pictures and Information about the Glorious Night Carnival event

5. Chapter: Information about all(?) mascots/characters

6. Chapter: Baking recipes

7. Chapter: Greeting Cards which you can cut out

I hope this review is helpful.
Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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