Wednesday, June 25, 2014

1 Outfit - 2 Meet ups

Hello dears!
This time I will make one entry for 2 little meet-ups, because I have worn the same outfit both times and not too much to write either :)

~*~ 1. Meet-up: Castles and Princesses ~*~
My friend Ami and me planned a meet-up at the castle "Augustusburg" in Bruehl. This castle is really pretty and has a huge park including a forest and several small lakes.

Unfortunately the sun was really really bright so we couldn't take many pictures :(. But I could talk to other Lolitas who I didn't saw in a while, so it was nice to see them again!

~*~ 2. Meet-up: Shopping Queen ~*~
My friend Asukatze is participating in the german TV-show "Shopping Queen". So yes in a few months you will see a Lolita there :D. For the show, my friend organized a little Lolita picnic to intodruce the fashion and we got filmed a few minutes. I don't know if they will use this material and if, then I guess you can see our picnic only for 5 seconds or something xD. But it was quite funny xD.

We didn't planned to wear the same dress! This just reminded us that we should make the Little Bears Café meet-up soon! And the Lady Rose meet, and the Carnival meet... xD

Maybe I will show the pictures of the other people who attended in another post, but I always edit the pictures and this takes a lot of time, so I'm a bit unmotivated to do it ^^''''

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dokomi Convention

Hello my dear readers!
Last weekend I was at the Dokomi Convention, so here is my event report!

~*~ SATURDAY ~*~

On Saturday I woke up around 8am but I was really fast so I could catch the train at 9am. I was 1 hour earlier ready then planned, can you believe it??? (Usually I always oversleep because I'm too lazy to get up early xD).

So when we arrived at the convention really early, we directly went to the fashion stalls for shopping, because I wanted some items before they were sold out. This year, there were twice as many stalls as last year! And there were also more Lolita-themed stalls: "Ergi by Piratessan", "Harajuku Maiden" and the Dunkelsuess-booth with stuff from "Lorina Liddell". And a looooot of stalls with sweets jewellery.

I got the items I wanted: hairclip and ring from Chocomint. The hair clip was sold out in all colors at the end of the convention!

After shopping we went to the Maid Café. We were one of the first people who could get in, so we didn't had to wait long (many people who came later had to wait 2 hours O_O).
This year it wasn't allowed to take pictures of the Maids or the Café, because they wanted to make it like the authentic Cafés in Japan: you can only take a picture of your food and you have to pay if you want a picture with a Maid. But honestly the Café was nothing like Japan, there was no stage programm, no games and no Moe Moe from our Maid ~_~ But I guess our Maid was just stressed or something ~_~

So here is the picture of my food xD I ordered a strawberry milk and a melon pan:

In the afternoon I participated in the Lolita fashion show like always. This time our fashion show had a theme: "Fairytales". And this time, all models did a really good choreography, because we didn't wanted to do the typical boring poses like you usually can see. 

Here is a video of the fashion show (I'm the third-last person):

Here are the outfits of me and my friend Evangeline:
This picture was taken at the "Nikon" photobooth, so it looks a bit weird

Can you guess which fairytales we were? Okay it's really hard, I was "Brother and Sister", and Evangeline was "Sinbad the Sailor".

For the fashion show I decorated an old book, and many of my friends told me that the Lolita on the cover looks like me, because the hair style is my signature. I'm happy that I have a signature :D (especially because my old signature was my horrible blonde wig >__<''').
I didn't really thought about it when I drew the Lolita, I just drew something which came to my mind, but I guess unconsciously I drew myself!

Okay the violet Lolita looks horrible, I will color it better I swear ^_^'''

After the fashion show we just strolled around the convention and looked at the stalls again (and again and again xD), and then went home in the evening.

~*~ SUNDAY ~*~

On Sunday I haven't done much, I strolled again around the convention and explored some areas I didn't saw on Saturday (for example I completely oversaw that there was a huge artist alley xD). I also met a very nice reader of my blog, Hello again!!! \(*^▽^*)/ (It was Sunday right? I'm not sure anymore >_<).

Here is my outfit, I didn't wanted to wear Lolita because of the hot weather:

Later I went to watch the "Charakter-Versteigerung" .... hmm in english it would be "Character auction"?! You could bid on people in Cosplays, and if you won, you could spend 2 hours with them at the convention. The money then was donated for a social project in Germany. This year some people bid really high amounts... the Maids from the Maid Café are always really popular, and this year someone bid 850€ for them!! And also, the less clothes a girl wore, the higher was the bidding xD. But of course everything was just for fun, don't think something wrong about this ^_^

If you want to see some parts of the character auction, take a look here:
Pickachu Group

I also met cutiepie Riina, she was working at the Maid Café and we drove together with the elevator xD (yeah you don't have to understand why this is funny xD)

Picture by Riina~
I don't have more pictures, but if you want an impression of the Dokomi, you can watch this video from another Lolita:

All in all the Dokomi this year was great, I don't know why, I think 1.) because it was a lot bigger so we didn't get bored, and 2.) the air conditioner was really good, so it wasn't too hot inside (on Sunday it even was too cold for me in some areas O_O).

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Angelic Pretty Tea Party !!!

Dear Miss Miriam,

Thank you for your support to Angelic Pretty.
Thank you very much for reserving your place for «Angelic Pretty Tea Party in Paris» 
We confirm your reservation as following.

So like you can see, I won a ticket for the Angelic Pretty Tea Party !!! OMG I'm so happy, and this time I don't have to go alone, but I can go with my friend Ami who also won a ticket. We both want to wear our Lady Rose dresses => Twinsiiiiiies ヽ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )ノ ♪

I got the confirmation at 2:30h in the middle of the night! But I couldn't sleep well this night so I was online at that time and could directly see it <3 Some french Lolitas on Facebook wrote that until now only the first 10 Lolitas got their confirmation. I don't know if this is true but I got number 4 and my friend number 7 (which is quite strange since I ordered both our tickets in one mail, so why not 4 and 5 or something like this xD). But that means I was reaaally fast if I was the 4th mail they got O___o

We will only go the AP Tea Party and Fashion Walk which is the same day, but we will not go to any other events, because we don't want to spend a fortune on hotel costs and it would be also quite expensive to go to ALL the events (despite the fact that they are sold-out anyway).

Btw the text about the Tea Party at the Angelic Pretty website is sooo cute:
We can enjoy delicious cakes and petits fours and spend a special moment like princesses.

But it's true, at Angelic Pretty Tea Parties you can really feel like a princess for 2 hours

Here some pictures of the location:

Who of you will be also at the Angelic Pretty Tea Party or at the other events in Paris???

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

Monday, June 2, 2014

Harajuku Maiden Tea Party

So last week I was at the "Harajuku Maiden" Tea Party which was organized by Kuma. It's a small german Lolita indie label. She did a break with her label for around 2 years I think, but she wanted to get full into business again and started it with a Tea Party.

12 people wanted to come but only 5 showed up. I think it's unbelievable rude if you don't show up and don't even bother to write a message. I hate this so much but it's a huge problem with the Lolitas in my area (since I organize a lot of Lolita meet-ups I know what I'm talking about ~_~).

First we went to the old city hall to take pictures. It's a pretty building, but there were too many people so we couldn't really use it as a background. Also it was very windy so please excuse the horrible pictures ^^'''

I was too lazy for a special outfit but I own a white collar from Harajuku Maiden, so I wore it (I own it since 3 years but I think I have never worn it before ^^''').

Here you can see more of the pretty building

 My friend Evangeline wore a skirt and a hadbow from Harajuku Maiden.

And this is Kuma, the owner of Harajuku Maiden. Her complete outfit is from her brand of course!

After this we went to a very cute Cupcake Café. This wasn't planned, but I saw the café at another Lolita blog and Kuma wanted to show me where it is, and then I wanted to buy a Cupcake just to test it (because I want to find out which café has the best cupcakes!). But then Kuma suggested that we all sit down and have a cupcake, so we did xD

Evangeline and I ordered an Oreo cupcake, and Kuma ordered a strawberry-chocolate cupcake

More pictures of the café (these are not mine, I found them on Google because mine turned out blurry):
- Source -
- Source -

The cupcakes were delicious, I can recommend them. Also this café looks very pretty, so if you are in Aachen you should definitly visit it! Website of the café:

After this we went to Kuma's home for the actual Tea Party. Kuma prepared some cakes and fruits for us.

Look at the pretty porcelain!

At the end of the party she showed us her newest creations!

Here you can also see the other guests

Mirror picture xD Evangeline tried on a headdress

Kuma had a lot more stuff but I had to leave early, so I couldn't take more pictures. But you can see all items from Kuma at the Dokomi convention next weekend, she will also sell many blouses, skirts, petticoats and other clothes! Make sure you stop by if you visit the Dokomi :)

If you are interested in her items, take a look here:

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3
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