Monday, June 2, 2014

Harajuku Maiden Tea Party

So last week I was at the "Harajuku Maiden" Tea Party which was organized by Kuma. It's a small german Lolita indie label. She did a break with her label for around 2 years I think, but she wanted to get full into business again and started it with a Tea Party.

12 people wanted to come but only 5 showed up. I think it's unbelievable rude if you don't show up and don't even bother to write a message. I hate this so much but it's a huge problem with the Lolitas in my area (since I organize a lot of Lolita meet-ups I know what I'm talking about ~_~).

First we went to the old city hall to take pictures. It's a pretty building, but there were too many people so we couldn't really use it as a background. Also it was very windy so please excuse the horrible pictures ^^'''

I was too lazy for a special outfit but I own a white collar from Harajuku Maiden, so I wore it (I own it since 3 years but I think I have never worn it before ^^''').

Here you can see more of the pretty building

 My friend Evangeline wore a skirt and a hadbow from Harajuku Maiden.

And this is Kuma, the owner of Harajuku Maiden. Her complete outfit is from her brand of course!

After this we went to a very cute Cupcake Café. This wasn't planned, but I saw the café at another Lolita blog and Kuma wanted to show me where it is, and then I wanted to buy a Cupcake just to test it (because I want to find out which café has the best cupcakes!). But then Kuma suggested that we all sit down and have a cupcake, so we did xD

Evangeline and I ordered an Oreo cupcake, and Kuma ordered a strawberry-chocolate cupcake

More pictures of the café (these are not mine, I found them on Google because mine turned out blurry):
- Source -
- Source -

The cupcakes were delicious, I can recommend them. Also this café looks very pretty, so if you are in Aachen you should definitly visit it! Website of the café:

After this we went to Kuma's home for the actual Tea Party. Kuma prepared some cakes and fruits for us.

Look at the pretty porcelain!

At the end of the party she showed us her newest creations!

Here you can also see the other guests

Mirror picture xD Evangeline tried on a headdress

Kuma had a lot more stuff but I had to leave early, so I couldn't take more pictures. But you can see all items from Kuma at the Dokomi convention next weekend, she will also sell many blouses, skirts, petticoats and other clothes! Make sure you stop by if you visit the Dokomi :)

If you are interested in her items, take a look here:

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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