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Paris 2014 - Day 3 - Museum

On our third day in Paris we only had a Museum trip planned. But it was not a normal museum - it was a very special one!

It's called "Musée des Arts Forains" and its exhibition consists of old funfair attractions! How awesome is this ?!?!?! When you want to visit it, you have to order tickets online with credit card. But I saw some people paying in cash, so if you don't have a credit card, I suggest to drop them an e-mail and ask if you can pay by cash.

I found this museum last year when I searched for interesting stuff in Paris. When I saw the website, I fell in love with this museum! Take a look here: >> Musée des Arts Forains <<

You can only visit the museum with a guided tour, which is unfortunately in french only. It is possible to book an english tour if you come with a larger group, but since we were only 2 people, we had to stick with the french tour. However our tour guide was so nice to print out some papers with information in english! So you can still enjoy your tour.

I was surprised that I understood quite a lot of the french from our tour guide. This gave me motivation to refresh my french skills, because I'm pretty sure that this wasn't the last time I visited Paris ^_^

Now some pictures of this wonderful museum!

The entrace area~

The first hall we visited~

In this museum you can actually use some of the attractions! The first one was a carussel, inspired by venetian gondoliers.

 A stage - you can book this museum for events too ^_^

Another stage~

Another attraction we could play with~

Between the exhibition halls is a street with chandeliers hanging in the trees *_*

 They had some really odd exhibits Ô_o

And now my favourite exhibits: the carousels!!!

Did you know that they often had horse carousels because only rich people could afford horses? This was the only chance for 'normal' people to ride a horse in their whole life!

Yes this is a bycicle carousel! The owners of funfairs often used the newest inventions for the attractions, so this carousel was for many people the first chance in their life to ride a bycicle! And this was also the first time that they could experience speed. Because this carousel can go up to 60 km/h, and back then there existed no cars or other things that could go so fast! I could even experience this myself... we were also allowed to use this carousel, and I got really scared when it was at full speed ^^''''
BUT the most interesting fact might be that this carousel works without electricity!! That means it only works when all people actually use the pedals to make it move, just like real bycicles!

Pretty wall decoration - the hall museum had wonderful decoration everywhere!

I wish I could show you more pictures, but the light was really bad for cameras and many pictures turned out blurry. After 1-1.5 hours the tour was over. Our tour guide said that we only saw a small part of the whole collection, there is much more stuff stored in other halls. This museum is a private museum and all this stuff belongs to only one person, can you believe it??

 All in all this museum was really nice, althought I think the entry fee could be a bit lower. A ticket costs 17€ and when you don't understand french, it could be a bit boring. And for this price I want to see more stuff. But it was really great that we could use all the carousels and some of the games. And we also got to hear some fun fair music instrument machines (I don't know a better name for them xD), and some of the information is really interesting to hear!


After the museum we went to Axes Femme, because when we went there on our first day in Paris, they just got delivered some huge packages with clothes, and later they wrote on their Facebook page that they got more new stuff for Japan Expo, which will be also on Sale! So I wanted to see the new stuff and it was a good decision, I bought the long dress I already showed you in my earlier post :)

After this we went again to AP, but the shop was already very empty. We actually only went there to see how empty the store was xD. 
(Just as a side note, we were there the last time on Thursday afternoon, but I saw pictures on Facebook that they put out 2 brand new dresses at the weekend, "Lucienne Dream" which officially was released 1 week later after the Paris store closed, and "Cameo Window Paris", which isn't even released now!! But when I was in Paris 2013 they also had their new "Paris Window" print for sale there, even if it wasn't released yet in Japan!)
After this we went to Laduree. Usually I always buy Macarons at Laduree when I'm in Paris because I think they have the best ones in the world, but I only had a few Euros left and I wanted to buy some lunch ^^''', so only Ami bought macarons. 

Even if we had 3 hours left until our train would arrive, we still went back to our hotel because it was sooo hot that we hadn't any motivation to do something else. So we stayed over 1 hour in the hotel lobby and relaxed in their comfy sofas. But the guy from the reception was somewhat strange... first he was really nice, he brought us some cold fruits. And I think he was really bored so he came over and wanted to talk to us but with his broken english we couldn't really started to talk. But then he started to look at us all the time and smiled, like he wanted "something" from us. And later when I walked past him on the way to my luggage, he whispered to me "You are beautiful" xDDDDD. I really don't want to know what he was thinking xD. But I was happy that we directly left after this xD.

So yeah that was the last post about Paris. Just as a side note, our hotel was in the middle of the wedding shop street for "non-french" people. There were literally at least 60 shops selling wedding dresses, ball gowns, suits or wedding decoration. Next time I will plan more time to check out the decoration shops because they had some really awesome cheap stuff there!
(But on the down-side it was full of... those people. I don't recommend getting a hotel near Sacre-Coeur.)

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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