Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rothenburg Day 1 - Arrival


This weekend I travelled to Rothenburg with several friends! We stayed there for 4 days!

We arrived on Friday afternoon in Rothenburg. Normally you need 3,5 hours by car from Bonn to Rothenburg, but we needed 6 hours. And some friends who only started their jouney 30min later from the same city and drove the same streets, needed 9 hours X_X. There was a huge construction site which caused this crazy traffic jam.

In the evening we met with other friends and went eating. We were around 15 people I think. After eating, we went drinking cocktails. First we went to the "Rock Café". It was a true Rock'n'Roll Café and they had shots with naughty names xD. It was so cute when we asked the waitress for a suggestion, and while she was a real Rock lady, she didn't wanted to say the name of a shot loudly xD

But the Rock Café didn't had a large selection of cocktails, so we went to another cocktail bar. The waitresses there were also really nice, because the cocktail bar was inside a 4* hotel (thought it wasn't one of those super-expensive hotels).

We did the same every evening! It was so awesome to spend so much time with all my friends and fellow Lolitas. It felt like a Lolita class trip xD
All of us have worn cute clothing, but no Lolita oufits. BUT still, so many people took pictures of us and asked us what we are wearing. And 1 week before the event, there was an article in the local newspaper, therefore many people asked us if we will go to this event. I was pretty surprised by this, does this mean Rothenburg has only 1 newspaper? xD Because many people told us about this newspaper article!!! 

The owner of our hostel cut out the newspaper article for us:

Btw, the hostel owner was the MOST AWESOME owner in the world! She was sooo nice and welcoming. She pampered all her guest like a mother xD. I would come back to Rothenburg only to visit her hostel!

In the evening we started to try on the dresses of each other! It is so much fun to try different dresses! We were 4 Lolitas in one room so we had a lot of dresses to choose from *_*. Lisa tried on my new Btssb dress and she constantly fell in love with it! So on Saturday during the Tea Party she just bought it :D (because at our hotel the internet connection was bad, so we had to do it during the Tea Party xD). I also tried on the Romantic Rose Letter special set OP.... and it was the first dress which was so overloaded with details that it was too much for me... can you believe it? A dress which is too OTT for a huge AP fan like me? I think this dress is beautiful but you can't really coordinate it in many different ways, you can only coordinate it in one way. Yes you can change your headdress, but this dress is so OTT it will always look the same. It's epic, but for me it's too epic xD.

The first day started pretty amazing, and it just got better each day :D
Thank you to all for this wonderful weekend!

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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