Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Story of a dress // Lacebook Tea Party // Ai Akizuki in London


This will be a shorter post about different topics :)

Story of my "Tales of the Wood" dress
(Not that interesting and you can scroll down to the other topics xD But I want to write it down as a memory for myself)

Maybe you have recognized that I owned the same print in the same color twice, just different dress versions. 2 years ago I bought the pink JSK of "Tales of the Wood" from Metamorphose. It was a spontaneous purchase, because I wanted a print with bunnies for our Easter meet-up. Yes I bought the dress because of the bunnies, even if the main point are the deers xD

But then I wanted the Little Bears Café JSK and I found it quite cheap on Mbok. I didn't had enough money, so I wanted to sell one of my dresses. I decided for the deer dress, because I didn't liked the shoulder straps, I always prefered the OP version, and it had a negative connection because once I lend it to a friend, but she made it dirty but never apologized to me. So I didn't wanted to wear it anymore because of this.

After I sold it, I really regretted it because I fell in love with this print. And at the beginning of this year, I found the OP version for a really good price at Mbok. So I bought the OP!! I was sooo happy that I found my beloved dress in my preferred dress version, but when it arrived, it was a little disappointment. First it was babydoll-cut, and with my figure it looks horrible without a cardigan (I prefer OPs because you usually don't need an additional blouse or cardigan...). And the lower half of the skirt-part is very ruffled, so you can't see the whole beauty of the dress.

So now, I want the JSK again xD. And because I found a wonderful dress at the Btssb Sale a few days ago, and I needed money for it, I just sold my OP. So again I'm without the dress but this time I will not regret it, because I know I will find it again <3

Lacebook Tea Party

This weekend I will travel to Rothenburg for the Lacebook Tea Party! I'm already soooooo excited! There will be no special guests, but they are not always important. This Tea Party is made to spend a wonderful time with other Lolitas, to meet old friends and make new friends. Althought there are no special guests, it will be in a special location: JetJ did a photoshoot in Rothenburg for their 2014 summer catalog.

Unfortunately I don't own the catalog, but I found 2 dresses at their website, and the pictures were definitly taken at Rothenburg.

Grimm de Gretel - skirt

This street is a famous place in Rothenburg. If you google Rothenburg, you will find tons of pictures of this street:

Plein Grimm - JSK

This picture was taken inside the "Käthe Wohlfahrt" christmas museum. "Käthe Wohlfahrt" is a famous manufacturer of christmas baubels.

I planned to wear my Royal Unicorn JSK on Saturday and my Princess Tiered OP on Sunday.

Ai Akizuki in London

This year there is another Lolita event in London, the "Lolita Club Anniversary Event". Actually this event happens every year in September, and this time, Metamorphose will be the special guest. BUT I don't want to go there because of Meta, I want to go there because of Ai Akizuki! I saw her a few months ago in a german TV show and then I found her on Facebook. She is really cute and nice. When you make a comment on her Facebook postings, she always answers nice. And she is a Lolita model and all her pictures are really cute and inspiring :). Also, she is the leader of the biggest japanese Lolita community "Gothic & Lolita & Punk no Kai". I would find it really interesting to talk with her about Lolita in Japan.

But... I don't have $$$ ;___;. They only announced Ai Akizuki one week ago, and the event is already in 2 months. And buying plane tickets + hotel in such a short time is really expensive! I even thought about travelling there only for 1 day to save hotel costs but it's still expensive. If I would have known it earlier, I would have saved up for it and not spend all my money in Paris xD. Well, I hope she will come again to Europe someday.

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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