Sunday, August 31, 2014

Castles & Princesses or better: the most chaotic meet-up ever?

Hello! This will be a text-only entry about our Castles & Princesses Lolita meet-up. You can still read it if you want xD.


Yesterday was the Castles & Princesses Lolita meet-up. For me it was the most chaotic meet-up ever xD. I organized it myself with my friend Ami, so I'm allowed to say this xD.

1-2 weeks before the meet-up we asked everyone to give a second confirmation if they will really come to the meet-up. Usually, when 30 people register for a meet-up, only 10-15 people come. But this time, 55 people came out of nowhere xD. So we had big trouble finding a restaurant. After calling several restaurants + cafés, I finally found one which is ALWAYS empty in the afternoon. But however, 2 hours after I reserved for 55 people and was happy that I found a place for us, the boss of the restaurant called again and told me that we are too many people he has to cancel our reservation.
Ok, then everyone would have to split up in small groups and restaurants and find something on their own.

Then, we wanted to reserve a guided tour for the castle we were visting (Schloss Benrath - the castle every Lolita takes pictures with but never actually see it from the inside xD). But we would have to pay a high extra-fee if we book a tour just for us, so we also had to cancel this and everyone had to buy a ticket online to make sure, we can go in one group.


And then was the day of the meet-up... and I totally overslept xD. Like really, I often oversleep but I always make it in time to the meet-up. But yesterday I only woke up because a friend wrote me a SMS were I was sitting in the train, so we could travel together xD. Of course I couldn't catch that train, so within 5 minutes (no lie xD) I jumped out of my bed, put on some pants (Lolita would have needed too much time dressing up) and run to the next train! Yes I joined the meet-up in normal clothes, shame on me >_<

But then finally we could make the tour through the castle and I have to say it was fanstastic!!! Our guide was very well-informed and I learnt so much. Because some 100 years ago, you didn't just built a castle. Everything you build has a special meaning, even the color of the castle, the shape of a room or the animals used for decoration.

After this, all of us were really hungry and we soon splitted up to go to different cafés. We sadly forgot to tell everyone a certain time or place to meet after the tour, so we couldn't take a group picture and I couldn't even say hello to all people who joined the meet-up. Also, from 55 people, only 30 people came... yeah... and the café inside the castle would even had enough space for all of us! But since everyone was splitted up (and everyone I called didn't answered their phone T_T) we ended up being only 4 people in the café. Later, a few other Lolitas also joined us.

But basically that was my chaotic meet-up xD. I still had a great day and I hope everyone else too.

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Japan Day 2014

I realized that I didn't post the pictures of Japan Day which was already in May! I have worn my new Sugar Pansy JSK and because I didn't have worn it since then again, I just want to show you my outfit :)

When I look at the pictures I think my outfit looks really pretty xD. I have totally forgotten how it looked. But this year I had no luck with my shoes again!!! Last year on Japan Day, my shoes completely broke, and this year I had the same problem! A few minutes after we took the pictures, my shoes broke and I had to go to a store to buy new ones T_T. I decorated them myself and created them especially for that outfit T_T.

My friend Evangeline:

 My friend Ami:

 Aaand time for some selfies:

We were handing out some flyers for the Lolita book "Shades of Wonderland", that's why we posed with the flyers ^^

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

Friday, August 22, 2014

Spoon Scans: Angelic Pretty Paris - Store - Fashion Walk - Tea Party

Hello dears!

The Spoon magazine finally arrived *o* You can get a copy here if you want. The issue has many pictures of Angelic Pretty in Paris, for me it's a great memory and I can finally say about myself that I'm in a japanese magazine ♪ヽ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )ノ ♪

The first half of the magazine is full of Angelic Pretty pictures only, so when I flipped through the pages I almost thought it was another AP mook! The spoon magazine is generally quite simple, most pages are huge pictures with no text. Actually only the part about AP in Paris looks less simple.

I photographed all relevant pages about Paris, you can click on them to view them bigger:

 Cover of the magazine

First row: Opera, the final destination of the Fashion Walk + waiting at a traffic light during the Fashion Walk
Second row: Tea Party location

 Group picture (it's really blurry in the magazine T_T)

First 4 pictures: Fashion Walk
Bottom - left picture: The first customers of the pop-up store (the girl in the red dress was the first customer!) 
Bottom - right picture: customers with Maki & Asuka (M&A took pictures with nearly all customers, very cute ^^)

 First row: Pop-up store
Second row: starting point of the Fashion Walk at Gallerie Vivienne (the girl in the middle at our group picture is the first AP customer again, she wanted to buy the CDC and she got it! And we met Renske from Utrecht again ^^)
 All other pictures: Tea Party

First row - right picture: 2nd winner of the outfit contest
All other pictures: guests of the Tea Party

First row - left picture: 1st winner of the outfit contest
First row - right picture: Ami and me with Maki <3 (The japanese description says something like our princessly outfits fit perfectly to the Tea Party venue, and that we are twinning)
Second row - right picture: Winner of a dress set at the raffle

A girl on Facebook told me that nearly all AP Tea Parties in Paris were also printed in the KERA magazine! So maybe the newest issue has pictures too!
After I heard this, I searched for the AP Tea Party 2012 which I attended, and it was also printed in the KERA *O* I already found this issue on Ebay and I will buy it next month when I have more money ^_^

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Lolita Room Tour


Today I want to show you pictures of my Lolita room. I took the pictures for a book a few month ago. They are from my student apartment, which I unfotunately have to leave in ~2 months, but since I already took the pictures, I want to show you them.

But I have to say that my closet is completely fake, I just prepared it for the pictures so it looks more interesting (because I took them for a book ^^). Usually, half of my closet is filled with my normal clothes and some of the Lolita stuff doesn't even belong to me xD. And all the accessoires are usually stored in the white drawer next to my bed.
But all other pictures are real I swear xD.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer Maid Café Event


Today I visited the summer Maid event at the Sphere Bay Café. I went there with Nyanko and Ami. In the train we also met Riina who usually works as a Maid in the Maid Café, but today she went there only as a guest. But my other friend Jinli is a new Maid and she was very happy when we visited her :)

I didn't took to many pictures because it was quite the same like the last event in may. You can read my old blogpost here: *click*

I honestly wanted to go there mainly because I can drink Bubble Tea again and eat a delicious Matcha cupcake. And also to meet my lovely friends ^_^

BUT unfortunately, they didn't had any Matcha cupcakes thad day and the Bubble Tea also tasted not as good as last time... I think they forgot to include the flavor so I only got cold tea with milk. But I could drink half of the Bubble Tea of my friend Ami which tasted better, so it was ok xD

Since I couldn't have a Matcha cupcake, I ordered Matcha icecream. It was yummy but it didn't had a strong flavour of Matcha... it tasted more like vanilla ice cream with a bit Matcha powder. Sorry that I complain so much, I just wanted my cupcake xDDD

Here is a group picture with Ami, Nyanko, me and Jinli:

Do you think that our outfits look crazy? Because when we walked through the city (without our maid Jinli) we got asked several times what we are wearing and people looked strange at us. I think we wore really normal and boring outfits Ô_o. People get more and more ridiculous these days...

I also took a random picture of some pictures xD Since this café is an art café, there are papers and pens on every table and you can draw something if you want. And if your picture is pretty enough, they hang it up on the wall ^_~

Then we went shopping, but of course I bought nothing at normal shops but spend a lot at the japanese supermarket xD. But today I realized that this supermarket is much cheaper then my asian supermarket in Cologne, so I had to grab more stuff!
I also bought some Sushi at the japanese supermarket for the first time, it was quite cheap and it tasted delicious! So if you want to grab some Sushi, try it there!

At the end of the day, we went to drink some Cream Soda. I think I never took a picture of it so here it is:

It was a nice day but I think I ate too much sugar today xD

Kind regards,
Miuko~ <3

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Rothenburg Day 3 - Candy Day

On Sunday was another event organized by "Candy Day" - it's a meet-up series organized by Hoa in the area of Frankfurt. But sometimes she organizes Lolita meet-ups in other cities too.

In the morning we had to get up really early, because the meet-up already started at 11:00h. The first programm point was a guided tour in Rothenburg. At first I didn't really listened because I'm not a huge fan of guided tours, but then I started to listen and it was really interesting! I learned a lot about the city. If you are in Rothenburg, I recommend this guided tour. But I felt that it was a bit too long in the end, because 1.5 hours are too long if you are dressed in Lolita ^^'''

Picture taken by Ami
Picture taken by Ami
Picture taken by Vampire Symphony

Then we went to Hotel Eisenhut for our lunch. In this hotel, JetJ also did a photoshoot! The organizers put a small package filled with sweets and a postcard at each table! Especially the postcard was a nice idea, so you have a memory of this event :)

A few pictures of our table and room:

Then it was time for the outfit contest. It was like yesterday, you had to come to the front and present your outfit. But this time, not many people participated. I didn't participated too because I was so exhausted from the day before that nearly everything I wore was uncomfortable for me, so I removed all my jewellery and even my petticoat and put it in my big bag. So I was too lazy to put everything on again for the outfit contest ^^'''

During the outfit contest our food arrived, which was horrible because I was very hungry and wanted to start eating, but I didn't wanted to be impolite. So in the second the outfit contest finished, I started eating xD

But I was VERY disappointed by the food. We paid 26€ for it, and it was really BAD for that price!!!

First course was salad - it was ok but quite small.

Second course was Spaghetti - it was very small! I even had a bigger portion then the other people at my table and it was still small. But at least it tasted good.

Third course was joghurt mousse with fruits - it was HORRIBLE! The joghurt mousse tasted like a convenience product and the fruits were canned! Half of them were still frozen!!!

I can't believe that I paid 26€ for this, I mean it was a 4* hotel, how embarassing is this for such a hotel!!!

Then it was time for the ruffle and the announcement of the outfit contests. You could win the catalog of the JetJ photoshoot! What a nice idea, but I didn't won anything.
Here are the winners of the outfit contest:
Picture taken by M.E. Photography
Picture taken by M.E. Photography
Picture taken by Anh Binh Photography

After this we went to a park to take pictures. I don't know why but Ami and me didn't heard that they wanted to take a group picture in the park, so we totally missed it! I usually NEVER overhear such things, so I was very sad when I saw the group picture a few days later at Facebook >_< When Ami and me arrived at the park, we saw some pretty roses behind a big house and directly went there, so we couldn't see the other girls taking the group picture >_<

But still here it is:

Now the pictures of my outfit:

 Then we were tiered and decided to go back to our hotel, even if it was only 16-17h. Since our tour guide recommended to climb the city wall which surrounds whole Rothenburg, we did so. It was very scary for me because I'm afraid of heights ^^'''

At our way back to the hotel, an american tourist came and wanted to take a picture of my outfit. And after this, he gave me 2€ !!!! How nice of him xD

In the evening we went to a japanese restaurant. Everyone ordered a melon cream soda as a drink because it sounded so delicious! And it was indeed :)

Picture by Ami
Picture by Andrea
I don't have a picture of my food, but it was very funny that every meal got potato salad and cabbage salad as a side dish xD. I'm pretty sure that this is not japanese food, but I guess in Bayern you need this xD. And for me it was perfect because I love potato salad and even ate the left-overs of my friends because it was so delicious *_*

This day was awesome again and I'm thankful for the organizers who put so much effort into this 2 day event! I hope next year there will be such an event again!

We also stayed another day and left Rothenburg on monday, but since we did nothing interesting, I will not post about it ^^

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3
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